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OLED LCD Chemicals Supplier

Located in Zhengzhou City, China , Henan Daken Chemical Co.,Ltd was Established in June ,1983.We have a 40 years history for fine chemical synthesis .

Daken has young technology team with 24 persons ,among which there are 6 persons with Doctor’s degree ,and 9 persons with Master’s degree in chemical .Daken has 61 projects at national or provincial level ,29 patents ,116 papers ,and 12 awards by government .Research and Development is the backbone of Daken. Have right mix of experienced, young and enthusiastic research team to find simple and innovative solutions to critical challenges in synthetic chemistry

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OLED LCD Chemicals Supplier China
Performance Materials

Performance Materials

With more than 30 years experience ,we continually develop new and high performance OLED/LCD intermediates. Our product line covers polyimide monomers, liquid crystal polymer, Reactive Mesogens for Optical films of Liquid crystal industry
Fluorosilicone chemicals

Fluorosilicone Chemicals

We products include Organic Silane & Silicon , Fluorochemical, Fine Fluorine Chemical, Fluorocarbon Resin,Functional Fluorine Monomer.

Customs Synthesis

We provide custom synthesis service . And we develop and synthesize more than 1000 kinds of compounds for advanced materials through a customer driven approach .

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