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What is 6FDA?

6FDA [4, 4-(Hexafluoroisopropylidene)diphthalic anhydride] is a dianhydride solid organic fluorine compound, and its melting point varies from 243-247oC. Its IUPAC name is 5,5-(1,1,1,3,3,3-Hexafluoropropane-2,2diyl)di)([2]benzofuran-1,3-dione)  and has 444.241 g/mol as its Molecular Weight.  6FDA contains six fluorine atoms that offer high free volumes and improve the polymer’s solubility. No doubt, its uniqueness, and potential are due to the presence of six fluorine molecules. And you can get this chemical from 6FDA supplier Dakenchem or from any other reliable chemical supplier.  

What are the Applications of 6FDA?

6FDA CAS NO. 1107-00-2 is the most stable dianhydride monomer of polyimides, having excellent stability and high-tensile-strength. When a molecule containing fluorine atoms, is introduced into polyimides, remarkable changes occur in properties, such as reducing the dielectric constant, decreasing moisture absorption, and improving the optical property. And 6FDA has six 6F atoms, thus it has extensive applications in various sectors.

Polyimides based on 6FDA are readily soluble in various common solvents, which can be easily fabricated into desirable working devices. Here, we are describing important applications of 6FDA;

  • 6FDA is utilized as a precursor for preparing Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) membranes because 6FDA based polyimides offer good separation-performance, excellent selectivity (especially for ch4/CO2 selectivity), excellent productivity, chemical and thermal stability. It boosts mechanical properties in the presence of high pressure.
  • The polyimides containing 6FDA along with other monomers are used to reduce the Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) up to 300 o
  • Polyimides bearing 6FDA have high transparency in the Ultra Violet region, are used to prepare transparent-thin film materials.
  • 6FDA and DAM-based polyimides are used to prepare a defect-free asymmetric hollow fiber membrane, which is utilized for Gas transportation.
  • 6FDA and other monomers are used to prepare hyperbranched copolyimides, known as self-standing-dense membranes.
  • An Oligoimide based on ATPA and 6DFA is adopted to synthesize Non-Volatile memory devices with high quality and performance.
  • The Copolymer based on 6FDA is synthesized to reduce the stress in polyimides chains and work as a backbone.
  • 6FDA based polyimides are used in optoelectronics devices such as; optical lenses, light-emitting diodes, contact-image-sensors (CISs).
  • The monomer is used for the synthesis of fluorinated polyimides is 6FDA.
  • 6FDA plays an important role in the aerospace industry; 6FDA based resins are used, which provides effective weight, good stiffness, and heat resistance over 300 o
  • 6FDA and TFMB containing polyimides are used to align the liquid crystal layers.
  • It is also used in the Gate insulator present in organic field-effect transistors.
  • 6-FDA based polyimides are also applied in the medical industry due to gas separation properties.

6FDA Supplier DakenChem

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