LC756 is a crucial chemical for those who work in industrial chemistry to comprehend. LC756, a substance with a wide range of applications, has been used in everything from electronics to pharmaceuticals. But precisely what is LC756? We will examine its characteristics and uses in-depth in this article. So that you can decide whether or not to use this potent chemical for your own projects. Continue reading to learn more about the marvels of LC756!

LC756: What is it?

A cutting-edge technology that has attracted significant interest across numerous industries is LC756. Understanding the implications and potential applications of such a system as a professional can open up new doors for development and effectiveness.

While the specifics of LC756’s functionality and design remain proprietary, it is well-known for its ability to integrate seamlessly into diverse processes, facilitating improved performance and resource optimization. The utilization of this innovative system is anticipated to reshape our understanding of traditional methodologies and pave the way for continued advancements.

Consequently, staying informed about LC756 and its potential impact is crucial for professionals in competitive industries.

What is the structure of LC756?

LC756, an intriguing chemical compound with significant potential in various research applications. The CAS NO. is 905437-87-1. Besides, the chemical structure of LC756 is characterized by a complex arrangement of atoms and bonds, elucidating its distinct properties and behavior in different settings.

How about chemical properties of LC756?

LC756 is an organic compound that continues to draw interest from the scientific community for its unique chemical properties. It is a hydrocarbon found naturally in the environment and known for its unusually high heat resistance.

For this reason, it has been studied as a potential additive to lubricants and other applications with exposure to high temperatures. Researchers have also found that LC756 exhibits strong anti-corrosion properties, making it suitable for use in challenging conditions.

In addition, it could be used to increase combustibility or reduce friction in certain manufacturing processes. All in all, LC756 proves to be an intriguing compound with numerous potential applications.

The applications of LC756

LC756 is a powerful chemical used in a variety of applications, including cleaning and sanitization, water treatment, metalworking, and the manufacturing of consumer goods. It is also commonly used in agriculture as a plant growth regulator.

In industrial applications, it can be used to clean metal surfaces and improve durability. In consumer products, it is an ingredient in many cleaning and disinfecting agents as well as paint removers. LC756 has a high degree of safety when handled correctly, however precautions should still be taken when using it due to its toxicity.

Why Dakenchem DK756 is better than LC756?

The DK756 is a superior choice compared to the LC756 for several reasons that make it essential for various applications in the electronic chemicals industry. Among its distinct advantages is its enhanced solubility in MIBK compared to LC756, allowing for easier usage and processing.

Another critical feature of the DK756 is its ability to form films with excellent alignment and no defects, ensuring high-quality outcomes in electronic component manufacturing.

Moreover, with a hazard class considered as non-dangerous goods, it makes DK756 a safer option for transport and handling. This high-performance product is offered with flexible packaging options, such as aluminum foil bags, fluoride bottles, or paper drums, catering to different client requirements. Shipment convenience is also ensured, with multiple methods available, including air and courier door-to-door services.

Proper storage is crucial, and the DK756 boasts a long shelf life of 24 months when stored in a sealed state, under room temperature, and away from direct sunlight. With our make-to-order capacity and adherence to the HS Code of China 2918990090, our DK756 boasts superior quality and performance, setting it apart from its competitors like the LC756.

Product Name: Reactive Mesogen DK756
Abbreviation: DK756
MW: 850.8

Chemical Structure:

Appearance: Off-white to light yellow solid
Purity(HPLC): 82.0% Min
Residual Solvents: 0.5% Max
HTP: 50~54
Optical activity: right handedness (R isomer)

DK756 Dakenchem
Dissolved Photos Of DK756 In Different Solvents:
1) Cyclohexanone,
2) 20% Cyclohexanone,
3) 20% Ethyl Acetate
4) Ethyl Acetate

DK756 chemical


Product Property:
1) Hazard Class: Non-dangerous Good
2) Package: In alumininum foil bag/fluoride bottle/paper drum
3) Shipment Method : By air, By Courier door to door ,etc.
4) Storage: Keep sealed, under room temperature ,keep away from direct sun light
5) Application: Electronic Chemicals
6) Capacity: Make to order
7) HS Code Of China: 2918990090
8) Shelf-life: 24 months after production date
9) It’s solubility is better than LC756 in MIBK
10) The films with DK756 show good alignment with no defects

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