About GBL Chemical: Several Things You Should Know


Whether you are working in the medical industry or a beauty manufacturer company, there are many chances that you know a GBL chemical. Every industry has this chemical and utilizes it to accomplish various tasks.

No doubt, it is present naturally in various things. However, most experts tend to form it artificially. Both work very well. Here one point to note in mind is whether it is legitimate to use or not because some countries have banned it.

Besides the above facts, if you do not know about GBL, you may be concerned about grabbing knowledge about it. For your convenience, we have collected information related to GBL. Look at it to learn more about your desired topic.

What is GBL chemical and GBL applications? 

GBL is present in the liquid or powdered form. It is a colorless chemical having water-miscible qualities in itself. It gains by experts after accomplishing liquid-liquid extraction. The reason is that it is present with GHB and its separation is crucial. Sometimes, chemists extract it with the help of the solvent evaporation method.

No doubt, every chemical has wrapped a lot of benefits in itself. The same case is with a GBL. You can get an idea about GBL functionalities from its applications in various industries that are presented below.

  • First of all, GBL uses in laboratories to conduct different experiments.
  • Most people take it to eliminate depression, stress, and anxiety. However, it suggests that do not take it orally without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Next, many women use nail paint remover that manufactures with the contribution of GBL.
  • Many beauty products such as lotions contain a GBL chemical in themselves.
  • Sometimes, fat people take it for removing fat and making their muscles efficient.
  • For cleansing, GBL is used on the domestic and commercial levels extensively.

What are the GBL Cas number and its characteristic?

You have to know its chemical name or Cas number whenever you buy a chemical. The Cas number of GBL is 96-48-0. Aside from it, some of the characteristics of the GBL are explained below.

  1. The molecular weight of this chemical is 86.090g/mol.
  2. Its molecular formula is C4H6O2.
  3. Its IUPAC name is oxolan-2-one.
  4. It exists in two forms GBL powder and GBL solvent.
  5. It naturally presents in cheese flavoring and adulterated wine.

Where to buy GBL?

Most people require a GBL chemical or Gamma-butyrolactone but fail to identify the potential supplier of this chemical. If you also belong to those confused persons, you can choose Dakenchem, a reliable GBL supplier. Some of the advantages of grabbing GBL CAS number 96-48-0 from Daken are below.

  • First of all, it has a national certificate from China due to manufacturing chemicals.
  • Secondly, it has attached with Zhengzhou University, and its doctors produce quality monomers.
  • Thirdly, you can order GBL as much as you want because it manufactures 500 per month.
  • Fourthly, its product prices are affordable.
  • Fifthly, its shipping service is speedy.


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