AS NO.2344-80-1

As additive used in advanced functional materials.
Características del producto
Chloromethyltrimethylsilane CAS NO.2344-80-1
Nombre del producto Chloromethyltrimethylsilane
Sinónimos Chloromethyltrimethylsilane,;Silane,(chloromethyl)trimethyl-;chlormethyl-trimethyl-silane;Chloro(trimethylsilyl)methane;ChloroMethyltriMethylsilane;ChloroMethyltriMethylsilane
CAS NO 2344-80-1
Apariencia Colorless and transparent liquid
Ensayo 98%
MF: C4H11ClSi
MW 122.67
EINECS 219-058-5
Product Categories Reduction;Si (Classes of Silicon Compounds);Si-H Compounds;Silicon Compounds (for Synthesis);Synthetic Organic Chemistry;Organometallic Reagents;
Almacenamiento Sombra, lugar sellado y seco.
Capacidad 1000KG /month
Paquete En tambores de papel / tambores de hierro / tambores de plástico / tanques IBC, etc.
Método de envío Por mar, por aire, por mensajería puerta a puerta, etc.
Puerto de carga China cualquier puerto, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, etc.
Aplicación As additive used in advanced functional materials.
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