CAS NO.13782-33-7

Precious metal catalysts (PMC) ,Noble metal catalyst , heterogeneous catalysts ,homogeneous catalysts.
Características del producto
CAS NO.13782-33-7 Diamminedichloropalladium
Nombre del producto Diamminedichloropalladium
Sinónimos Dichlorodiammine palladium (Ⅱ);DiaMMine dichloropal;trans-Bisamminedichloropalladium;Transpalladin
CAS NO 13782-33-7
Apariencia Yellow powder
Contenido Pd 98%
MF Cl2H6N2Pd
MW 211.39
EINECS 237-437-3
Condiciones de almacenamiento A temperatura ambiente, mantener alejado de la luz solar directa
Capacidad 100KG /month
Paquete Bidones de papel / bidones de fluoruro / bidones de hierro / bidones de plástico / tanque IBC, etc.
Método de envío DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, EMS, por aire, por mar, etc.
Puerto de carga China cualquier puerto ,Beijing ,Shanghai ,Hongkong
Aplicación Electronics, dentistry, medicine, hydrogen purification, chemical applications, groundwater treatment, and jewelry
Product Categories Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry;Homogeneous Pd Catalysts;Palladium;metal-ammine complexes;chemical reaction,pharm,electronic,materials

Introduction of the DiamminedichloropalladiumCAS NO.13782-33-7

DiamminedichloropalladiumCAS NO.13782-33-7 is a diamine palladium chloride, electroplating agent. A lot of palladium compounds are synthesized and used to prepare palladium plating bath. Used for the determination of carbon monoxide and palladium electroplating.

Feature of the DiamminedichloropalladiumCAS NO.13782-33-7

  1. Mild reaction conditions
  2. High activity
  3. High selectivity
  4. High temperature resistance

Related chemicals of DiamminedichloropalladiumCAS NO.13782-33-7

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DiamminedichloropalladiumCAS NO.13782-33-7

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Dipotassium hexachloropalladate(IV) CAS NO.16919-73-6

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