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CAS NO.187585-64-4 LC242

Reactive Mesogen Material; LCD Monomer; RM Material; Electronic chemicals
Características del producto
CAS NO.187585-64-4 LC242
Nombre del producto 4-[[[4-[(1-Oxo-2-propenyl)oxy]butoxi]carbonil]oxi]benzoico éster de 2-metil-1,4-fenileno


ácido 4-[[[4-[(1-Oxo-2-propenyl)oxy]butoxi]carbonil]oxi]benzoico 2-metil-1,4-fenileno éster; LC242; Ácido benzoico, éster 4-[[[4-[(1-oxo-2-propen-1-yl)oxy]butoxi]carbonil]oxi]-, 1,1′-(2-metil-1,4-fenileno); LC242;; 2-metil-1,4-fenileno bis(4-(((4-(acriloyl oxy)butoxy)carbonyl)oxy)benzoate)
CAS NO.3670-93-7 187585-64-4
Apariencia White Powder
Ensayo 95%
MF C37H34O14
MW 702.65746
Condiciones de almacenamiento Low temperature and keep dry
Capacidad 1000KG/month
Paquete In Fluoride bottle ,glass bottle etc.
Puerto de carga China cualquier puerto ,Beijing ,Shanghai ,Hongkong
Método de envío Por mar, por aire, por mensajería puerta a puerta, etc.
Aplicación Electronic chemicals

Introduction of liquid crystal monomer Liquid crystal intermediates and liquid crystal monomer is obtained by adding a variety of basic chemical raw materials for a variety of chemical reaction conversion and become, according to the classification standard of China petroleum and chemical industry association, belongs to the fine chemical industry in other specialized chemical products manufacturing industry

Característica de CAS NO.187585-64-4 LC242

The liquid crystal monomer is mostly to the column phase, with the following characteristics: (1) the molecule is a stick structure, and the length ratio is 4:1; (2) the molecular ends contain polar or polarizable groups, so that the molecules are kept in an orderly orientation; (3) the long axis of the molecule is easy to bend and has certain rigidity.

More information of LCD

According to the difference of LCD production types, it is generally classified into TN-LCD, STN-LCD and TFT-LCD. Among them, TN-LCD and ordinary STN-LCD can only realize monochrome display, and STN-LCD upgrade products CSTN-LCD and TNT-LCD can be displayed in color. With the rapid popularization of color display products, TFT-LCD with excellent display performance has become the mainstream product of liquid crystal display, occupying the dominant position of LCD market.


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