CAS NO.2373-98-0 HAB

Polyimide Monomers,PI,CPI ,Electronic chemicals ,Optical flims, OLED/LCD
Características del producto
CAS NO.2373-98-0 HAB
Nombre del producto 3,3′-Dihydroxybenzidine (HAB)
Sinónimos 1’-biphenyl)-3,3’-diol,4,4’-diamino-(;1’-biphenyl)-4,4’-diamine,3,3’-dihydroxy-(;3,3′-DIHYDROXY-4,4′-DIAMINO-BIPHENYL;3,3′-DIHYDROXYBENZIDINE;Dihydroxybenzidine;2-amino-5-(4-amino-3-hydroxyphenyl)phenol;3,3-DIHYDROXYBENZIDINE 98+%;4,4′-Diamino-3,3′-biphenyldiol
CAS NO 2373-98-0
Apariencia Off white to white powder
Ensayo 99.5%
MF C12H12N2O2
MW 216.24
EINECS 679-800-2
Condiciones de almacenamiento Room tempreature
Capacidad 1500KG/month
Paquete In Fluoride bottle ,glass bottle etc.
Método de envío Por mar, por aire, por mensajería puerta a puerta, etc.
Puerto de carga China cualquier puerto ,Beijing ,Shanghai ,Hongkong
Aplicación Material of high strength flexible transparent polyimide.
Product Categories Functional Materials;Reagent for High-Performance Polymer Research;fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, intermediates, electronic chemical, organic synthesis;fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, intermediates, electronic chemical, organic synthesis, functional materials
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