What is Release Coatings and Agents?

The release coating agent is used to prevent the formed composite product from sticking to the mold. A kind of isolation film is applied between the product and the mold so that the product can be easily removed from the mold while ensuring the surface quality of the product and the mold are intact.

Food Release Coatings and Agents from Dakenchem

The Major Function of Release Coatings and Agents

The main function of the release agent is to make the surface of the object easy to release, smooth and clean, and to smoothly separate the solidified product from the mold to obtain a smooth and flat product.

The Properties of Silicone Release Coatings and Agents

  • Silicone release agents have various forms and dosage forms.
  • Since the polymer skeleton of silicone polymers is composed of silicon-oxygen bonds, it has excellent heat resistance and a stable temperature that exceeds that of almost all types of rubber, so there will be no problems such as thermal decomposition and carbonization of the release agent.
  • Silicone is a low surface energy material, so the peeling force of its products for demolding is the smallest.
  • Silicone materials have good heat resistance, and even the products of overheating decomposition are safe and non-toxic.
  • Because silicone release agents have good heat resistance, they can withstand the processing temperatures of various plastic products, especially non-migrating silicone release agents based on silicone resins. Not only do they have a high working temperature, but the release agent components are stable and do not migrate, showing an ultra-long release agent service life.

Food Release Coatings and Agents from Daken Chemical

Daken’s food release coatings, developed for premium food and bakery release applications. Suitable for use as a release coating for bakery and food release applications, non-stick packaging and industrial release papers, it has excellent release properties and efficiency, and is suitable for a variety of release coating systems.

Food Release Coatings and Agents from Dakenchem

Silicone release coatings help create bakery and cooking liners, providing optimal release and grease protection for both home and professional use.

Silicone release coatings help create baking and cooking liners that provide optimal release and grease resistance for both home and professional use.

Daken offers a wide range of food anti-sticking emulsions to meet the needs of food processing paper production, further improving speed, sustainability and profitability. These emulsions can be applied online during paper machine operation without the need for additional equipment and energy-consuming drying steps, and do not require offline application.

Dakenchem silicone release coatings and agents can be used in a variety of different industries. The table below lists a range of typical applications.

Application Solventless Solvent-based Emulsion
Label release
Tapes with Release Liners
Graphic Arts
Composite Release
Hygiene Release
Envelope Release
Baking and food release
Roofing (Self-Adhesive)
Medical Tapes/Labels


  • = this delivery system is recommended and typically used for this application

○=this delivery system can be used, but may not achieve optimal results

Food Release Coatings and Agents from Dakenchem

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