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What is TFMB and its Formula?

TFMB is one of the best and most suitable diamine monomers of polyimides, which possesses high stability and high tensile strength. It carries two –CF3 pendent group that offer steric hindrance to restrict chain packing and favor interchain packing in crystalline form. It enhances the solubility of polyimides due to its rigid non-polar linear structure having two heavy –CF3 groups on the rings of biphenyl.

CAS 341-58-2-1

To lower the coefficient of thermal-expansion (CTE) of polyimides, TFMB monomer is mainly preferred because of its linear structure. It’s true to say that the whole worth of this chemical, especially in the research domain is due to the presence of a 2 –CF3 molecule; moreover, it is also an electron-withdrawing group. Due to these properties, there are a lot of TFMB applications.

TFMB CAS NO. 341-58-2 {2,2-bis(trifluoromethyl)-[1,1-biphenyl]-4,4-diamine} is also known as TFDB, has a molecular formula C14H10F6N2 and molecular weight is 320.23 g/mol. It exists in the form of light orange powder. The other name of TFMB is 2, 2′-bis (trifluoromethyl) benzidine-mostly used in research papers.

What are the Applications of TFMB?

TFMB is a potential and versatile monomer chemical; therefore, TFMB applications are verstile regarding polyimide polymers. TFMB holds many inherent properties like high strength, stability, solubility, lower CTE, and many more. It has limited diamine monomers that exhibit these properties; therefore, TFMB is used extensively. Due to the presence of CF3, the free volume of aromatic polyimide chains is enhanced which has very high significance.

 Here, we are sharing some essential TFMB applications.

  • TFMB is used as a solvent to measure the RuCl3/PPh3 catalytic activity with cocatalyst Potassium carbonate (K2CO3).
  • Polyimide containing other monomer units along with TFMB, known as polyimide Aerogels, exhibits superhydrophobic properties and is thus utilized as low-dielectric materials.
  • TFMB is incorporated in polyimide Aerogels to enhance polyimide aerogels’ thermal stability and mechanical strength due to its rigid, rod-like structure.
  • If it is incorporated into BPDA/ODA polyimide aerogels, it results in moisture resistance and enhances the dielectric behavior of corresponding aerogels.
  • TFMB, along with other polyimide monomers, is used to prepare polyimide coatings that is used on the Quartz-Optical-Fibers (QOF) for protection.
  • It is used to construct the polyimide films that are utilized to cover the photosensitive materials such as; Flexible-Printed-Circuit (FPC) board in microelectronic devices like mobile phones and personal computers.
  • To ameliorate heat resistance, solubility, and maintain composites performance it is into the polyisoimide materials.
  • TFMB with 6FDA based polyimide is soluble in organic solvents; which is used in the form of pre imidized, and it is used in liquid crystal alignment layers.
  • Silver nanowire (AgNW) polyimide hybrid solutions containing TFMB are synthesized to build flexible electrodes with excellent thermal stability and transparency.
  • .TFMB also raises the properties of Aromatic poly (ester imide)s that are used in image display devices.
  • Gate-Insulator of Organic-field-effect-transistors consists of polar functional groups that are problematic, now 6DFA/TFMB polyimide-based Gate Insulator is used to overcome existing problems.

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