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Dakenchem is a profesional GBL manufacturer in China, check this post for more inforamtion.

What is the basic information about GBL?  

GBL is a water-miscible and hygroscopic colorless chemical in a liquid state. It acts as a precursor of GHB and 4-Carbon lactone. GHB and GBL exist in equilibrium with each other in an aqueous form. It is sold over the counter under Gamma butyrolactone worldwide with a mol. Wt of 86.090g/mol. The molecular formula of GBL is C4H6O2, and its IUPAC name is oxolan-2-one. Its presence in the unadulterated wine and cheese flavoring confirms its natural existence but is synthesized artificially as well. GBL manufacturer Dakenchem produces quality products.

It is mainly confused with gamma-hydroxybutyrate GHB because of its many chemical similarities with GHB. It is mainly extracted from liquid solutions by liquid-liquid extraction through chloroform, methyl chloride, and solvent evaporation.

GBL supplier Dakenchem
GBL supplier Dakenchem

What are the GBL usages?

GBL is very cheap, readily available, and easy to handle chemical that is used in the medicine, cleaning, and electronics industries. So, its production is thousands of metric tons to meet the ever-increasing demand of GBL in various pharmaceutical and cleaning industries. Be sure that you buy product from trusted GBL manufacturer because substandard products can’t give much benefits.

  • Most people mainly use GBL as medicine under Gamma butyrolactone.
  • It is most commonly used as a paint stripper, stain remover, circuit board cleaner, paint thinner, floor stripper, nail polish remover, and chrome polish.
  • It is mainly used with cannabis and alcohol.
  • It finds its application just like barbiturates and CNS depressants.
  • It is used to synthesize many chemicals like polymer poly(4-hydroxybutyrate), gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, sodium gamma-hydroxybutyrate, dimer 1,6-Dioxecane-2,7-dione, pyrrolidone, polybutyrolactone, and Methylammonium lead halide.
  • It also finds its applications as a graffiti removal agent in industries and manufacturing many polymers and indifferent pesticide applications as a solvent.
  • It is used in chemical synthesis in different laboratories to perform experiments as a powerful laboratory and industrial solvent.
  • GBL has widespread use in beauty products like lotions and acetone-free nail wipes.
  • It is used as a cleaning agent mostly in cleaning the wheels of cars.
  • It is used as an antidepressant to fight anxiety and depression and a tonic to burn body fat. It is also considered to help release GH, a sleep-regulating hormone. But its use is banned in most countries because of its side effects and unethical use by the public.
  • It was also sold over the counter as an anti-aging drug and to enhance thinking capabilities.
  • It is used in the manufacturing of electronics materials, especially capacitors.
  • It is used as a solvent in the manufacturing of semiconductors.
  • GLB is used in manufacturing photo-resistant and anti-reflection coatings.
  • It is beneficial in the forming edge bead removal and strippers, foundry binders, hard metal mask, and chemical shrink.  

About GBL manufacturer dakenchem:

Henan Dakenchem is a chemical manufacturer and supplier. It prepares different kinds of synthetic materials and a lot of liquid crystal monomers. It is situated in China in Zhengzhou city, where it offers its chemical shipping services 24/7. If you are searching for GBL or any other chemical, you can contact Dakenchem for reliable and super-fast services at an affordable price. Dakenchem supplies 99.5% pure GBL under the Cas no of 96-48-0, and its GBL manufacturing capacity is 500Kg/month.

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