In this era, our world is constantly evolving. As a result, a revolution in the chemical industry has also come into existence. Dakenchem is a professional GBL supplier in China, we have the Nation certicate to produce this product. Contact us for more information.

GBL is a chemical that has grabbed a strong position in our daily lives. The reason behind its usages is its several advantages. Therefore, GBL supplier begins to make this under-controlled chemical after taking a drug license from the government. 

GBL supplier Dakenchem
GBL supplier Dakenchem

Are you confused about GBL, its major applications, and where you can get this chemical legitimately? If yes, do not look further. Instead, carry on reading to solve every query related to gamma-butyrolactone. 

What is GBL-Gamma-butyrolactone?

GBL CAS NO. 96-48-0 is a chemical with a weak odor. This colorless hygroscopic water-miscible liquid consists of four carbon lactones. 

This Gamma-butyrolactone is present naturally as well as prepared artificially at the industrial level. For instance, unadulterated wine and cheese flavoring are two natural sources of GML. 

On the other hand, with the dehydrogenation of 1, 4 butanediols under 180 to 300-degree centigrade temperature with a copper catalyst, GBL is made by chemical experts. 95% yield produces through this method after its purification through liquid-gas-phase extraction. 

What are the GBL applications?

GBL has a vast range of applications in this practical world with a low freezing point, high boiling point, and a distinctive combination of electrical and solvent characteristics. Some of the uses of GBL as a solvent are present below. 

  1. For photosensitive resins and special inks, GBL uses as a solvent. 
  2. In photography, it works for dispersion and finishing agents.
  3. In the manufacturing of lithium batteries and capacitors, it utilizes by experts as an electrolyte solvent. Casting binder is another area of GBL usage. 
  4. GBL is used for polyacrylonitrile, cellulose acetate, methyl acrylate polymers, and polystyrene as a solvent.
  5. GBL cleans different products such as circuit board cleaners in electronics, paint strippers, and nail polish removers; GBL works significantly because of its strong solving abilities.

Chemical masters also utilize GBL as a raw material for synthesis applications. Take a look at the informative overview of this chemical here which a GBL supplier provide. 

  1. For the manufacturing of pyrrolidones, GBL works as an intermediate. For industrial chemicals, it plays a vital role. 
  2. For the synthesis of Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), GBL is used. PVP is further utilized for medical products (tablet binder, plasma substitute, mouthwash), industrial applications (suspension stabilizer for colloidal suspension polymerization, cosmetics (hair spray and lotion thickening agent), dyeing agent, hardening oil viscosity modifier, adhesive thickening agent), and food (beer/wine clarification agent).
  3. GBL functions as an intermediate in the synthesis of DL-methionine, phenyl butyric acid, and thiobutyric acid. 

About GBL Supplier Dakenchem?

Since GBL is a kind of controlled chemical by the government, and Dakenchem has obtained the Precursor drug business license in China. Therefore, it is an authentic GBL supplier for providing you with GBL chemicals.

No matter, you live in which corner of this earth, Daken chem delivers GBL by sea, air as well, as through door-to-door courier service. So contact us to place your GBL order now and then use it as a solvent for different purposes, especially organic chemical synthesis. 

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