HFE-7200 is a unique substance, it has high purity and thermal stability. This colorless, odorless fluorinated liquid has a wide range of applications. It’s particularly useful in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, and it plays a crucial role in various stages of heat transfer. In this post, Dakenchem will share more information with you.

HFE-7200’s broad temperature range makes it incredibly versatile, suitable for use in etching, ion infusion, detectors, and anywhere else heat transfer is needed. The primary component of this thermally conductive insulating liquid is fluoride. An impressive feature of HFE-7200 is that its composition remains stable over time, ensuring minimal fluid losses. Thus, HFE-7200 stands out as a reliable choice in industries requiring efficient heat transfer solutions.

What are the composition of HEF-7200?

HFE-7200, composed of compounds with CAS numbers 163702-06-5 and 163702-05-4, is a marvel in the world of chemical substances. Its high purity and thermal stability make it stand out. This fluorinated liquid boasts a wide spectrum of applications.

In the semiconductor manufacturing industry, it’s a game-changer, playing a key role in various heat transfer stages. Given its wide temperature range, HFE-7200 proves to be incredibly versatile, finding use in etching, ion infusion, and detectors.

The primary component ensures that the composition doesn’t shift over time, leading to lower fluid losses. Thus, HFE-7200 is a reliable choice for industries requiring efficient heat transfer solutions.

What are the HEF 7200 properties?

HFE-7200 is a liquid with several unique physical properties. It presents as colorless and is completely devoid of any odor. The boiling point of this substance is 61°C, while it doesn’t have a flash point. Its density is significant, measuring at 1.52g/cm³.

With a kinematic viscosity of 0.61 cst, it flows smoothly. Interestingly, HFE-7200 has a pour point of -135°C and a surface tension of 13.6 dyne. Its heat of evaporation registers at 30. In terms of solubility, it doesn’t mix with water. An important feature of HFE-7200 is its non-flammability; the liquid is not prone to catching fire or exploding, enhancing its safety profile.

Applications of HEF-7200

HFE-7200 is a versatile substance with numerous applications. It serves as an effective electronic component cleaner, and is used in the air tightness testing of electronic components like IC and LSI components.

You’ll also find it in electrically charged cleaning equipment, acting as an insulating fluid. It’s a go-to choice for electronic precision cleaning, optical cleaning, and dehydration cleaning. HFE-7200 finds use as a cold and thermal shock test fluid, particularly suitable for low temperature tank applications.

Its properties make it ideal as heat transfer fluids and cooling media. Other uses include drying and dewatering agents, solvents, spray cans, solvent diluents, and lubricant diluents. In short, HFE-7200 is a multipurpose solution for various applications.



HFE-7200 From Dakenchem
HFE-7200 From Dakenchem

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