CAS NO.199540-44-8 BUTYLPHENYL benzoic acid propylphenoxyphenol

CAS NO.199540-44-8 BUTYLPHENYL benzoic acid propylphenoxyphenol
製品名 BUTYLPHENYL benzoic acid propylphenoxyphenol
同義語 4-Butylbenzoic acid 4-[(4-propylbenzoyl)oxy]phenyl ester;BUTYLPHENYL benzoic acid propylphenoxyphenol
CAS NO 199540-44-8
外観 Clear liquid
アッセイ 95.0%
MF: C27H28O4
メガワット 416.51
Storage Condition Keep in dark place,Sealed in dry,Room Temperature
容量 1000KG /month
パッケージ 製紙用ドラム缶、フッ素樹脂用ドラム缶、鉄用ドラム缶、プラスチック用ドラム缶、IBCタンク、その他
出荷方法 海、空気、宅配便の各戸ごと、等によって。
ローディングポート 中国の港、北京、上海、香港等。
アプリケーション Electronic Chemicals

Introduction of liquid crystal monomer:

Liquid crystal intermediates and liquid crystal monomer is obtained by adding a variety of basic chemical raw materials for a variety ofchemical reaction conversion and become, according to the classification standard of China petroleum and chemical industry association,belongs to the fine chemical industry in other specialized chemical products manufacturing industry



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