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CAS NO.17937-68-7 Diphenyldivinylsilane

제품 특징
CAS NO.17937-68-7 Diphenyldivinylsilane
상품명 Diphenyldivinylsilane
CAS 번호 17937-68-7
모습 Clear liquid
시험 95%
MF: C16H16Si
MW 236.38
Product Categories Organic silane & Silicon; monomer
저장 Preserve in a well-closed container and keep in cool, dry place
용량 1000KG /month
패키지 In fluoride bottle/ Fluoride drums/iron drums/plastic drums/IBC Tank ,etc.
배송 방법 By Sea, Air, Courier door to door, etc.
로딩 포트 China any port, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong etc.
신청 Chemical synthesis: cross-coupling reactions, palladium-catalyzed reactions, and Diels-Alder reactions, in Polymer industry; Coatings, Adhesives & Analytical chemistry
연락처 정보 Name: Ellen Zhao Email:

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