1.What is L-Alanine?

L-Alanine CAS No.: 56-41-7,L-Alanine is a non essential amino acid in the human body, formed by transferring the amino group of glycine to pyruvate in the organism. Maintain low blood ammonia levels in the glucose Alanine cycle. Alanine is an excellent transport of nitrogen in the blood. It is also an effective sugar producing amino acid.

2.What are the L-Alanine structural formula?

L-Alanine CAS NO.:56-41-7

3.The L-Alanine properties:

  • Melting point:314.5 °C
  • Boiling point:212.9±23.0 °C(Predicted)
  • Storage conditions:2-8°C
  • Refractivity:1.4650 (estimate)
  • Solubility:H2O:100 mg/mL
  • PH value:5.5-6.5 (100g/l, H2O, 20℃)
  • Odor:Odorless
  • Merck:14,204
  • Stability:Stable
  • Form:powder
  • Color:White
  • Stability:Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.

4.What are the L-Alanine applications?

① L-Alanine, CAS No.: 56-41-7 is used as a preservative, flavor seasoning, and low alcohol amino acid liquor in food and beverage, and used in the synthesis of amino acid infusion in medicine

② L-Alanine, CAS No.: 56-41-7 is used as a food additive, feed, pharmaceutical intermediate

③ L-Alanine, CAS No.: 56-41-7 is used as a flavor enhancer, it can enhance the seasoning effect of chemical seasonings; It can also be used as a sour correction agent to improve the sour taste of organic acids.

④ L-Alanine, CAS No.: 56-41-7 is Used in biochemical research and as an amino acid nutritional medicine in medicine.

⑤ L-Alanine, CAS No.: 56-41-7 is used as a Nutritional supplements. Belonging to non essential amino acids, it is the most abundant amino acid in the blood and has important physiological functions. Seasoning and flavoring agents. Used for unfermented products, synthetic sake, composite Chemicalbook sweeteners, etc., it has a significant synergistic effect, and the dosage is generally 0.01% to 0.03%. Heating reaction with sugar (amino carbonyl reaction) can generate special aromatic substances.

⑥ L-Alanine, CAS No.: 56-41-7 is used for biochemical research and tissue culture. Liver function measurement. Belonging to non essential amino acids, it is the most abundant amino acid in the blood and has important physiological functions.

⑦ L-Alanine, CAS No.: 56-41-7 ,This product is a raw material for the production of vitamin B6, synthetic calcium pantothenate, and other organic compounds. Adding to food can enhance the seasoning effect of chemical seasoning, improve the taste of sweeteners and the acidity of organic acids, enhance the quality of alcoholic beverages, prevent oil oxidation, and improve the flavor of soaked food. It can also be used as a biochemical reagent for biochemical and microbiological research.

5.What is the English synonym for L-Alanine?

There are many English synonyms for L-Alanine, CAS No.: 56-41-7 which is also known as:

  • (S)-2-Aminopropanoic acid;
  • (s)-2-aminopropanoicacid;
  • Aspartic Acid Impurity 6;
  • Tenofovir Impurity 80;
  • (S)-2-Aminopropansαure;
  • (S)-2-Aminopropionsαure;
  • Aminopropanoic acid;
  • 2-Aminopropanoicacid;

6.What is L-Alanine CAS NO.:56-41-7 Main application areas?

L-Alanine CAS NO.:56-41-7 ,L-Alanine is an important raw material for the synthesis of VB6 and is one of the components of the nutritional supplement “Nourishing Amino Acid Infusion”.

Among them, L-Alanine CAS NO.:56-41-7 ,It can enhance the nutritional value of food in various foods and beverages, such as bread, ice cream, fruit tea, dairy products, carbonated drinks, ice cream, etc.

In addition, L-Alanine CAS NO.:56-41-7 , Improving the taste of artificially synthesized sweeteners can increase sweetness and reduce dosage. Adding 1-10% alanine to the compound sweetener can increase sweetness, soften the sweetness like natural sweeteners, and improve the taste.

7.Regarding L-Alanine, CAS NO.:56-41-7, why did you choose Daken Chemical Limited as your supplier?

As one of the main manufacturers of L-Alanine, CAS NO.:56-41-7 in China, Daken Chemical Limited has a complete production process and advanced production technology. The produced L-Alanine, with CAS number 56-41-7, has very stable quality and has been exported to many countries in Europe and America.

8.What are the Packaging specifications of L-Alanine ?

Packaging specification:100G;500G;1KG;5KG;10KG;50KG;100KG;500KG

9.How and where to buy L-Alanine CAS NO.:56-41-7?

As one of the most stable suppliers of L-Alanine CAS NO.:56-41-7, Daken Chemical Limited maintains stable inventory for a long time and provides reliable and stable supply resources to customers in many countries and regions around the world. You can try contacting our company for consultation.

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