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What is LC242 and its formula?

LC242 CAS NO.187585-64-4 LC242 is a nematic diacrylate liquid crystal monomer that belongs to the reactive mesogens with a consistent dipole moment due to the carbonyl group and medium to high birefringence. This polymerizable liquid crystal monomer belongs to the palicolor family. It changes from nematic to isotropic liquid crystal form at 79oC and 118oC.

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LC242 exist in the form of white powder with a molecular formula of C37H36O14, and IUPAC name of 4-[[[4-[(1-Oxo-2-propenyl)oxy]butoxy]carbonyl]oxy]benzoic acid 2-methyl-1,4-phenylene ester and possess a molecular weight of 702.65746 g/mol. LC242 applications are reshaping polymer and liquid crystal fabrication and are sold under the CAS no of 187585-64-4.

What are the LC242 applications?

The reactive mesogen can open up a new field of application for the scientist because of its compelling features mentioned in the research articles. Here we have tried to give you a gist of LC242 Applications with the aid of a few types of research.

  • It is used to manufacture brightness enhancement films, retardation films, and colour filters of superior quality with low thickness even on multiple coating.
  • LC242 is an important component that is used in fabricating nanofilaments with an inverse helical network that serve as a chiral nano template.
  • It is actively used to fabricate Polymer-stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals with a cholesteric liquid crystal of a single layer that possesses clear double circularly polarized reflection band properties.
  • LC242, along with many other polymer-stabilized liquid crystals, has recently attracted scientists due to their use in manufacturing flat panel displays and optically switchable devices.
  • The generation of advanced photonic structures of helical polymer template liquid crystals with multi-pitch is attributed to the addition of a small amount of reactive mesogen LC242 and other components like C6M and LC1057.
  • The magenta coloured CLC films are prepared using LC242 and Irg907.
  • Cholesteric liquid crystal films that exhibit split reflection bands are synthesized by the photopolymerization of LC242 and a chiral cinnamate dimer under the presence of atmospheric UV light.
  • At present, there is a need to enhance the inherently low viewing angle of liquid crystal display screens. LC242 applications, along with many other reactive mesogens, can help scientists and industries to get rid of this issue. For this, the studies on vertical alignment on UV-curable reactive mesogen with low retardation are under study.
  • The production of thin films to control the alignment of molecules arbitrarily can be achieved by using LC242.
  • The generation of novel blue phase liquid crystal with the ability to reflect right and left polarized light has been developed by adding LC1057 and LC242. The liquid crystals are surprisingly switchable thermally and photochemically.

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