It is an admitted fact that our world is constantly changing. New technologies have come into existence. The chemical industry is revolutionized as a result of this modern revolution.Whether we talk about monomers or mesogens, they are invented by modern scientists day by day. LC242 is also one of those mesogens playing an indispensable role in enormous industries. Dakenchem is a professional LC242 manufacturer, check this post for more information about LC242.

The Complete Introduction About LC242

Do you require a gist of basic knowledge about LC242, its properties, applications, or synthesis? Or are you exploring an LC242 manufacturer? For this purpose, you need to continue your reading of the lines very carefully.

So let us get started!

What is the basic information about LC242?

It is a great mesogen that exists in the form of powder. Its color is white. Its molecular formula C37H36O14 has a molecular weight of 702.65746 g/mol. Furthermore, its IUPAC name is 2-Methyl-1,4-phenylene bis(4-(((4-(acryloyloxy)butoxy)carbonyl)oxy)benzoate).

Next, CAS No is also prominent information that a buyer must know. The reason is that chemical companies sold these reactive mesogens with the help of their CAS Number. If your industry needs LC242, you should remember its CAS No 187585-64-4.

What are the LC242 properties?

Whenever a client purchases a specific chemical, he analyzes its features very carefully. It proves that a chemical is clean from impurities and can work for your field very efficiently. For your convenience, we have described a few properties of LC242. Check the text below to learn about those characteristics before choosing an LC242 manufacturer.

  1. First of all, the density of LC242 is 1.267±0.06 g/cm3.
  2. Next, its boiling point is approximately 816.7±65.0 °C.
  3. No doubt, it is in powdered form and can be soluble in other mesogens. However, it becomes insoluble with a temperature of twenty-five degrees and weight of 9.2E-5 g/L.

What is the LC242 usage and synthesis?

With its wide applications, LC242 is a popular chemical. If you are unaware of its uses, you should study the next part of this article because the main usages of LC242 are presented below for you.

  • Very firstly, it assists a brighter view of films with low thickness.
  • Optically switchable devices and flat panels display cannot be built without this chemical.
  • Manufacturing of thin films for controlling scattered molecules and alignment, LC242 is indispensable.

Moreover, scientists perform various experiments to make LC242. For example, they mix a lot of raw chemical materials. As a result, LC242 takes birth.

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