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What is LC242?

LC242 is a diacrylate reactive mesogen monomer having a permanent dipole moment and little too high birefringence ability. This Palicolor family monomer changes from nematic to isotropic liquid crystal under characteristic temperature. And this type of liquid crystal monomer is highly effective in manufacturing a liquid crystal to inherit a better viewing angle. Instead, such a type of liquid crystal monomer can help prepare a nanofilament with an inverse helical structure.

The Complete Introduction About LC242

LC242 is a white powder, and its molecular formula is C37H36O14. The IUPAC name for LC242 is 4-[[[4-[(1-Oxo-2-propenyl)oxy]butoxy]carbonyl]oxy]benzoic acid 2-methyl-1,4-phenylene ester and with a mol.wt of 702.65746 g/mol. It is sold under the CAS no of 187585-64-4 worldwide.

It fabricates cholesteric liquid crystals, nanofilaments, retardation films, and flat panels. It is used as an active ingredient in the manufacturing process of optically switchable devices, high brightness films, Magenta CLC films, and blue phase liquid crystals.

This article focuses on the LC242 price, the factors that affect LC242 price, and common packages.

What are the common packages for LC242?

The most common packages for LC242 are fluoride bottles that are formed by the fluorination of different types of plastic bottles by treating the inside and out of the bottles with fluorine gas, and this type of treatment is referred to as paneling. The paneling process avoids the distortion of the container, thus preventing the shape and size of the bottle from changing under environmental stress. The other most common package for LC242 is glass bottles because the glass bottles do not chemically react with the LC242.

What is the LC242 price?

There are more than 38 suppliers of LC242, out of which 36 are found in China. The price of LC242 is different at different chemical suppliers. The cost of a chemical varies depending on its purity and amount.

You can buy 100mg of LC242 at $60 from TRC under product number P143010, while Alichem ships 5g of it at 150$ under product number 187585644. Arctom sells a 5g pack of LC242(AS024641) at 158$. But you can avail this chemical at the best price from manufacturer dackenchem. At the same time, dackenchem sells this white crystalline chemical-LC242 at a very reasonable price of $ per 5g.

What will affect the price of LC242?

The price of LC242 can vary just like other chemicals depending on the percentage of purity how difficult it is to store that chemical. If a chemical is hygroscopic or more reactive and can react under normal environmental conditions, its price may vary because of the safety issues associated with its shipping and storage. Instead, the LC242 price may vary depending on the cost of the monomers from which it formed. The costly monomers will lead to expensive polymers and vice versa.

The other important factor affecting the price of an LC242 is the conditions under which it is prepared. If the chemical is prepared at room conditions, it will be cheap, while it will be costly if the chemical requires harsh conditions. The demand of an LC242 is also a leading parameter to determine its price. The higher the demand, the more expensive the polymer.