These days, the trend of ultrathin optical films is at its peak. As a consequence, most people prefer to buy LCD panels having bright color filters and extra audio-visual features. 

LC242 is one of those liquid crystalline materials which produce excellent films or displays to give people a better watch time experience. 

Do you wish to grab more information regarding LC242, such as what it is, its essential characteristics, formula, famous applications, its formation process, and the best LC242 supplier? 

LC242 Supplier

If yes, stop here. In this informative post, we’ll provide a complete guide to LC242. So let us get started! 

What is the LC242 formula and characteristic?

4-[[[4-[(1-Oxo-2-propenyl)oxy]butoxy]carbonyl]oxy]benzoic acid 2-methyl-1,4-phenylene ester is the chemical formula or a product name of LC242. On the other hand, the molecular formula of this mesogen is C37H34O14. 

A chemical expert can serve this monomer for RM material, electronic chemical, and reactive mesogen substance very well. With the cover of acryl groups on both ends and a transverse dipole moment based on carbonyl, LC242 is a nematic polymerized monomer. Furthermore, LC242, with its connection to the column, has wrapped some primary characteristics in itself. Take a look at them. 

  1. The molecules of the long axis are stiffed and have bending qualities. 
  2. With a length ratio of 4:1, the molecule has a stick structure. 
  3. Molecules remain in an orderly orientation; these molecule ends are comprised of polarized and polar groups. 

What are LC242 applications?

LC242 applications make this fact clearer that this is a valuable monomer and play a crucial role in the various fields of life. Some of the fundamental usages of this monomer made by an LC242 supplier are present below. 

  • For manufacturing of high quality and extremely low thickness of optical films prepared with the help of LC242. 
  • Vertically oriented LC films also take birth at the crystalline phase temperature by photocuring of LC242. 
  • High-strength engineering materials also come into existence with the cooperation of this nematic liquid crystalline monomer LC242.

How to form LC242?

When a chemical expert mix several chemical raw materials, LC242, and its intermediates are prepared. Alongside this, some other specialized chemical products pave the way to take birth due to this above conversion.

Birefringence with reverse wavelength distribution is a capability of LC242. Furthermore, a fluorine-based surfactant is also included in it. 

In a nutshell, a chemical master has to perform various mixing chemical experiences to form liquid crystalline monomer LC242. 

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