As you know, the sunlight can promote the plants to produce the oxygen for humans to breathe. Not only the plant can’t live without the sunlight, but also humans. That is because people will feel down in a dark environment. And this is why they are more and more buildings are equipped with glass curtain walls. The sunlight can go through the glass, and the room becomes lighter. But if the room is too bright, it leads people can’t concentrate on their work. So the color-changing glass is necessary for the building. In this the PDLC films characteristic.

Our company is a professional PDLC films supplier in China; in this post, we will share the trending materials for cars and other industries.

What are PDLC films?

The PDLC is short of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal, and the liquid crystal electronically controlled dimming film has a photoelectric function. The glass made from it is called smart glass or electronically controlled magic glass. And the voltage can be adjusted to realize the conversion between transparent and opaque glass.

How does PDLC film work

The film will be transparent in The power-on state and will be frosted in the power-off state. This change achieves the dual requirements of glass permeability and privacy protection. At the same time, the smart dimming glass adopts the manufacturing process of laminated glass, which makes the smart dimming glass have the various characteristics of laminated glass.

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What are the characteristics of the PDLC films?

1. Safety:  The laminated glass production process is adopted. The film in the interlayer can firmly bond the glass so that when the impact shatters the dimming glass, the glass fragments will be connected in the film, and there will be no glass fragments splashing and hurting people.
2. Environmental protection features: the film in the dimmer glass and our dimmer film can shield more than 90% of infrared rays and more than 98% of ultraviolet rays, shielding infrared rays can reduce heat radiation and transmission, and shielding ultraviolet rays can protect indoor furnishings from ultraviolet radiation. However, palladium removal, aging, etc., occur.
3. Sound insulation characteristics: The dimming glass intermediate film has a sound damping effect, effectively blocking all kinds of noise.

What are the applications of the PDLC films?

As we write in the beginning, the curtain glass wall will use the PDLC films to change the lightness in the room. Another application is the PDLC film for cars. It can change the light volume that comes into the car.

What about the market demand for the PDLC films?

According to research, the global smart glass market is valued at US$4.5 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.8% from 2021 to 2028.

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