PDLC material is one of the parts of the glass market, and a rise of PDLC suppliers is also seen during some past decades. According to research, global glass industry is worth billions of USD. In the upcoming years, it has several chances to increase.  Our company Dakenchem is a professional PDLC material supplier, in this post, we will share with you several things about PDLC.

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In this article we will talk about PDLC, their applications and where you can buy this material. So let us get started!

What is PDLC material?

The material which is used for making PDLC films is known as PDLC material. There are different approaches with distinct characteristics as well as properties that assist in producing PDLCs.

During the formulation of PDLC, the size and form of droplets, liquid crystal employed and kinds of polymers, and cooling and heating speed in fabrications influence the material of PDLSCs.

For PDLC production, a mixture of mono and di-functional acrylate monomers in a nematic liquid crystal E7 is photopolymerized.

What are the PDLC materials applications?

PDLC has become an interesting leading film with its unique characteristics of electrically controlled switching. As a consequence, a vast range of PDLC applications exists in this digital world. Take a look at some of the significant industries which utilize PDLC.

1.      Interior Partition

In this era, companies don’t tend to build several rooms in their building. But they separate every office with the help of PDLC windows. With the switch off and on the feature of PDLC, they have the capability to convert doors and screens from clear to private set up.

2.      Electro-optic Application 

PDLC material is suitable in promising areas such as optical elements, photovoltaic, light shutters, micro lenses, lasers, smart food packaging, sensors, switching gratings, biocompatible materials, and biomedical devices. It works great in all the above applications because of its outstanding properties.

3.      Health Care Industry 

Whether we talk about an intensive care unit (ICU) or a simple hospital ward, both need cleanliness and sometimes require privacy too. Therefore, hospital management put PDLC in the hospitals to create easily cleaned surfaces and maintain patients’ privacy whenever it needs.

4.      Automobile Field 

In some recent years, PDLC has also gained popularity in the automobile industry. Firstly, most automobile companies have utilized this material in the interior of cars. On the other hand, some airplanes like Boeing 787 Dreamliner are also using PDLC.

5.      Display Devices 

Aside from the above applications, PDLC plays a vital role in display technologies. For example, some areas of PDLC usages are smart windows and displays, such as components of light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), quantum dots (QDs), and energy storage.

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