Are you at your home or office and need privacy sometimes? Or do you want to save yourself from hazardous and damaging radiation? Or do you wish to decrease energy consumption? Or do you have no time for significant maintenance and cleaning of glass? Dakenchem supply  the raw materials for PDLC smart film, check this post for more information.

If yes, PDLC smart film is a perfect solution for solving all the queries mentioned earlier. These days, most people tend to utilize PDLC smart technology in residential as well as commercial places. 

Are you still confused about the PDLC film? Do not worry. Here, we’ll provide a complete guide on this topic. So keep on reading. 

PDLC smart film
dakenchem PDLC smart film

What is a PDLC smart film?

A PDLC is a switchable adhesive film utilized by a number of industries. These films apply to the existing glass or windows. 

It consists of two switches. When the switch is on, glass surfaces become transparent with the application of an electrical field. Light passes due to the reorientation of the liquid crystal inside droplets. Furthermore, the refractive indices of polymer and LC start to match in the state of this film.

On the other hand, PDLC changes to a frosted appearance in its off mode. The reason behind this opaque condition is the scattered light and mismatching of the refractive index. 

The pro benefit of using smart films is its customization, which makes them fit from small to larger areas. So you can use them freely at any place. 

What are the applications of PDLC smart film?

PDLC smart film is a handy thing with its tremendous benefits. Therefore, its applications are very vast and cover approximately every field of life. Please take a look to get an idea about its usages in different sectors. 

·         Business Offices 

In the big building of offices, glasses use to separate sections for employees. Whether an enterprise desires to create an exquisite atmosphere for business or improve its security, the smart film is the ultimate solution. 

·         Apartment Application

In various apartments, glass windows are fixed to see outside and grab an aesthetic look. However, a person needs privacy. For this purpose, their remote control transparent and opaque status with the assistance of electricity provides absolute privacy. 

·         Street store

It is a general fact that a street store has its opening and closing time. At its opening, the lights of the store are on. On the contrary, lights are off when the store is off. Most store owners choose PDLC films to automate their system with its frosted and transparent excellent lighting. 

·         Banking

From accomplishment of daily operation to safety measurement, a smart film is a benignant tool for every financial banking. For example, a bank can become protected from robberies if it switches off PDLC films and makes everything opaque. 

Dakenchem’s material for the PDLC smart film?

After reading this informative blog post, have you decided to purchase a PDLC film for your place? Dakenchem is the best smart film provider that you can utilize. 

For automotive dimming glass, the material of PDLC is present below. 

HND-DK2107 PDLC model, an operating temperature varies -20 to 90 degrees centigrade. For parallel transmittance, the off and on value is less than or equal to five percent and greater than or equal to 87%, respectively. For haze, the value is greater or equal to 92%, and the on value is less than or equal to 2%. 

Some other specifications of these PDLC smart films check here.

  • Measuring cell gap: 20um
  • UV Curing Temperature: 25 degrees centigrade
  • UV Curing Energy: 3000mj/centimeter square

Check our materials for PDLC smart film here:

For partition and glass curtain walls, PDLC material has a little bit different from automotive glass. However, you receive quality products from Dakenchem. So don’t waste time and visit dakenchem to buy smart films. 

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