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What is PDLC ?

PDLC is a composite of randomly distributed microdroplets of liquid crystalline materials in a polymer matrix, formed by the phase separation of liquid crystal (LC) and polymer from a homogeneous single-phase mixture. The LC domains can provide electro-optically controllable functions because of their orientation being influenced by an applied electrical field, whereas the polymer matrix provides mechanical, thermal, and environmental stability. In the on-state a PDLC becomes transparent because it allows light to pass because of the reorientation of LC within the droplets and matching of the refractive indices of LC and polymer.Whereas In the off-state, a PDLC composite appears opaque because it strongly scatters light because of the refractive index mismatch between the LC droplets and the polymer matrix.

What is the PDLC film structurer ?

pdlc material

How about Daken’s PDLC materials ?

We have very advanced research and development experience on Liquid Crystalline industry .Now ,we are providing the service on design ,synthesis and formulation of PDLC to small films customers .

Specifications of our PDLC :

PDLC material for automotive dimming glass

pdlc material

PDLC material for partitions and glass curtain walls

pdlc material

For more information ,please contact us as follows :
Contact Person :Benson Han
Tel :+86 371 66670886

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