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3-(perfluorinated n-hexyl) epoxypropane is a ternary fluorinated surfactant that has been used as a solvent in the production of polymers such as polytetrafluoroethylene and as an ingredient in cleaning products.

As an organic compound, it has excellent flame retardancy, weather resistance, electrical resistance, thermal stability and other properties, and is widely used in fields such as automotive, shipbuilding, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, and electrical.

3- (perfluorohexane) epoxypropane is a very important organic compound. The molecular weight is 376.11, with the molecular formula C9H5F13O, and it often appears as a colorless and transparent liquid.

3-(Perfluoro-n-hexyl)-1,2-propenoxide CAS NO.:38565-52-5

Main Application of 3-(Perfluoro-n-hexyl)-1,2-propenoxide

 After years of development, the preparation process of perfluoroepoxypropane has matured. Among them, the molecular oxygen liquid-phase oxidation method has become the mainstream method for producing perfluoroepoxypropane due to its advantages of high reaction efficiency, simple production process, and short production cycle.

The raw materials of perfluoroepoxypropane mainly include hexafluoropropylene, hydrofluoric acid, carbonate, etc. Among them, hexafluoropropylene is one of the key raw materials for producing perfluoroepoxypropane. Hexafluoropropylene has excellent properties such as flame retardancy, weather resistance, electrical resistance, and thermal stability. It is widely used in fields such as automobiles, shipbuilding, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and electrical engineering. Driven by downstream market demand, China’s production capacity of hexafluoropropylene has gradually expanded.

3-(Perfluoro-n-hexyl)-1,2-propenoxide CAS NO.:38565-52-5

Perfluoroepoxypropane is widely used in fields such as medicine, electronics, automotive, aerospace, and chemical industry. In the chemical industry, perfluoroepoxypropane is commonly used to produce chemical products such as hexafluoroacetone, perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether, perfluoropolyether, etc.

In the field of electronics, perfluoroepoxypropane can not only be used as an electronic packaging material, but also plays a very important role in cleaning, etching, and other aspects. In the field of medicine, perfluoroepoxypropane, as a fluorinated compound, can be used for cell freezing, preservation, and other aspects, effectively ensuring the integrity of cells and biological tissues. Overall, there is a high demand for perfluoroepoxypropane in the market.

3-(Perfluoro-n-hexyl)-1,2-propenoxide CAS NO.:38565-52-5

Daken Chemical Limited is One of the Main Manufacturers in China

  1. Product Name:3-(Perfluoro-n-hexyl)-1,2-propenoxide
  2. CAS NO.:38565-52-5
  3. Molecular Formula: C9H5F13O
  4. The 3-(Perfluoro-n-hexyl)-1,2-propenoxide properties:
Product Name 3-(Perfluoro-n-hexyl)-1,2-propenoxide
CAS NO. 38565-52-5
Purity ≥98.0%
Boiling point,℃  80℃41mm Hg(lit.)
Density 1.637g/ml at 25℃
Appearance Colorless liquid
M.F C9H5F13O
M.W 376.1150

5.Application:Fluorinated epoxy monomers can be used in fields such as coatings, printing inks, adhesives, and composite materials through photo curing, and can also be used for waterproof and oil proof treatment of paper food packaging.

3-(Perfluoro-n-hexyl)-1,2-propenoxide CAS NO.:38565-52-5

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