The performance fluid, also known as electronic engraving fluid, is primarily used in the etching step of the semiconductor process. It is a powerful etchant capable of fine etching of specific materials such as silicon, silicon oxide and other common semiconductor materials. During the photolithography process, e-fluoride can be used to remove photoresist coatings exposed to light to form the desired pattern. In addition, e-fluoride can be used to clean semiconductor wafers to remove surface contaminants.

Performance Fluid: What is it?

Performance fluid is a special, highly effective substance that benefits from the cutting-edge characteristics present in fluorinated compounds.

Performance fluid is the perfect solution for a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and electronics, due to its ability to withstand chemical reactions, high temperatures, and degrade very slowly over time.

It is a remarkable fluid option for particular applications because of the distinctive properties inherited by fluorinated compounds. Performance fluid offers an unrivalled level of robustness and protection, it can help keep equipment operating smoothly and efficiently.

What’s in Performance Fluid PF-5060’s composition?

In the world of perfluoroalkanes, performance fluid PF-5060 is an essential solution. This special mixture is made up of C5-C18 perfluoroalkanes. It provides longevity and durability in a range of applications. Perfluorotri-N-Butylamine is made up of several products and has a CAS No. of 86508-42-1. This is one of the main components in this mixture.

CAS No. 355-42-0  is the true star of the show. Perfluorohexane is a highly prized component of the C5-C18 perfluoroalkane mixture, it offers excellent heat and solvent resistance. And this makes it a great option for a variety of industrial applications.

The PF-5060 Paramters

Properties PF-5060
Appearance colorless and transparent
Average Molecular Weight 388
Boiling Point 56℃
Pour Point ﹣90℃
Estimated Critical Temperature 451 K
Estimated Critical Pressure 1830000pa
Vapor Pressure 30900pa
Latent Heat of Vaporization (at normal boiling point 88 J/g
Liquid Density 1680kg/m3
Kinematic Viscosity 0.38 centipoise
Absolute Viscosity 0.64 centipoise
Liquid Specific Heat 1050 J/ kg°C
Liquid Thermal Conductivity 0.057 W/ m°C
Coefficient of Expansion 0.0016 /°C
Refractive Index 1.249
Surface Tension 12 dynes/cm
Water Solubility 10 ppm
Solubility in Water <5 ppm
Ozone Depletion Potential 0

What features does the PF-5060 have?

The PF-5060 has a number of noteworthy features. First, it is a fluorinated liquid that is non-conductive, this makes it the perfect option for cooling and heat exchange of electronic components without running the risk of short circuits.

It also keeps its stability over a broad temperature range, making it suitable for environments with high and low temperatures.

The non-volatile nature of PF-5060 lowers evaporation losses and increases material life, is another important characteristic.

Last but not least, the non-toxic and inflammability of this substance ensures safety in a variety of applications.

What is the alternative to PF 5060?

Perfluorotributylamine and perfluorohexane are two options to consider when looking for performance fluid PF 5060 substitutes. Both of these substances have their unique CAS numbers, they are CAS NO. 355-42-0 for perfluorohexane and CAS NO. 86508-42-1 for perfluorotributylamine. These alternatives might work well as stand-ins for PF 5060 in a variety of applications.

Performance Fluid PF-5060 Supplier Dakenchem
Performance Fluid PF-5060 Supplier Dakenchem

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