Product description:


This product Poly(Bis(Phenoxy)Phosphazene) is an additive halogen-free and antimony-free flame retardant with small addition amount and high flame retardant efficiency. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, excellent hydrophobicity and hydrolysis resistance, low volatility, low moisture absorption and low conductivity. This product is easily soluble in ketones and aromatic solvents.

Phosphazene flame retardant, with a phosphorus content of 13.4% and a melting point of 110°C, can be mixed with epoxy resin to form a colorless and transparent body. It has the characteristics of good flame retardancy and high heat resistance. It is suitable for copper-clad laminates, LED light-emitting diodes, packaging Flame retardant of sealing materials and powder coatings.

Physical properties :


  • Appearance:White crystalline powder/granules
  • Purity(HPLC):≥99.0%
  • Specific gravity in dry state:<0.5%
  • Melting point:110~115°C
  • 5% thermal weight loss temperature:>340°C
  • Phosphorus content:13.4%±0.5
  • Nitrogen content:6%±0.5




  1. Mainly used in electronic grade epoxy resin and halogen-free flame retardant of multi-resin compound systems with epoxy resin as the main body. The flame-retardant resin prepared with this product is used in copper-clad laminates, which can meet the requirements of high-end copper-clad laminates and lead-free and halogen-free copper-clad laminates in terms of high Tg, high dimensional stability, high toughness, low thermal expansion rate, and low DKDF value.
  2. Currently widely used in high-end PC, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PPO and other engineering plastics. This product is used in PC systems.  When the addition amount is 4-5%, the flame retardant grade of the product reaches UL94-V0 level;  compared with similar flame retardants, it can give PC products better high temperature resistance, aging resistance and transparency.  , at the same time, it can well balance the flame retardancy and impact resistance of PC products, and has almost no impact on the heat distortion temperature and toughness of the products.  It can be used for thin parts, especially those with high heat resistance (HDT) and high flame retardancy.  Thin-walled electronic component frames and casings, flame-retardant PC films, etc.  It is currently one of the main research directions for halogen-free flame retardant high-end PC.
  3. This product is also widely used in large-scale integrated circuit packaging, EMC epoxy packaging materials, epoxy composite materials, BT resin, phenolic resin, electronic and electrical insulation adhesives, LED light-emitting diodes, high-temperature resistant powder coatings (epoxy and Polyester), FFC, electronic and automotive parts.

LED light-emitting diodes

Typical application

When the phosphazene flame retardant is combined with magnesium hydroxide flame retardant polypropylene, and the mass fraction of the phosphazene flame retardant is 15%, the oxygen index of the blend increases from 23.5% to 33.5%, and the elongation at break and impact strength increase by nearly 20%. Phosphazene flame retardant and magnesium hydroxide are compounded for flame-retardant linear low-density polyethylene. When the mass fraction of phosphazene flame retardant is 5%, the carbon residue rate of the blend reaches 40%, and the oxygen index increases to 36%.


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