Many types of equipment will work in high temperatures or a conducive working environment. And if there’s no protection, the equipment will be stopped working or broken down. So there need to be high-performance materials that can become resistant to high temperature and insulation. In this post, we will introduce a kind of high-performance material: polyimide films. 

What are polyimide and the polyimide formula?

The polyimide, also short as PI, is a kind of polymer. It contains an imide ring on the main chain and is one of the organic polymer materials with the best overall performance. 

The highest resistance temperature is above 400°C. What’s more, it can work for a long time under the temperature range -200~300°C. And some of the polyimides have no melting point, and their dielectric constant is 4.0 at 103 Hz, which is F to H class insulation. The polyimide formula is as below:


What is the PIF?

Polyimide film (PIF) is a new type of high-temperature-resistant organic polymer film. It is one of the earliest uses of polyimide.

Polyimide film is generally made of pyromellitic dianhydride (PMDA) and diaminodiphenyl ether (ODA) in a very strong solvent dimethylacetamide (DMAC) through condensation and salivation to form a film, and then sub-Aminated.

Polyimide film is currently the world’s best-performing film insulating material, with excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, chemical stability, high radiation resistance, high-temperature resistance, and low-temperature resistance.

Polyimide Films

Polyimide films applications

In the electronics and electrician industry, the application is high-demand H-class motor and transformer coil insulation wrapping, high-temperature resistance coil end wrapping, and fixing.

The temperature measurement and thermal resistance maintenance, capacitor and wire entanglement, and other bonding insulation under high temperature operating conditions. 

Another application is for electronic maintenance and posting in the circuit board production profession, especially suitable for SMT temperature resistance maintenance, electronic switches, PCB board gold finger maintenance, electronic transformers, relays, and other electronic components.

Polyimide films applications

The polyimide films market

The polyimide films in 2020 are 1.4 billion dollars and will increase to 2.1 billion dollars in 2025. Polyimide films and polyimide tapes are still the main products in the future. Check more details in the below image. 

Want to look for polyimide film manufacturers?

Our company Daken chem is the material supplier for the polyimide, and the polyimide monomer is the main material. The main chemicals we supply are as below:

TFMB   CAS NO. 341-58-2

CAS 1449757-11-2


6FDA   CAS NO. 1107-00-2


AB-TFMB CAS NO. 1449757-11-2

CAS 1449757-11-2

About Daken

Our company Henan Daken Chemical Co., Ltd was established in June 1983. With 38 years of history in the fine chemical synthesis industry. We have built our technical team of 27persons, among which there are six persons with a Doctor’s degree and nine persons with a Master’s degree in chemicals. And we have 61 projects at a national or provincial level,29 patents,116 papers, and 12 awards by the government. Below is our laboratory:

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