Dakenchem is a professional polyimide monomer supplier in China with about 38 years of experience. In this post, we will share with you about the reactive mesogens and its applications.

What is the Polyimide Monomer?  

Polyimide monomer; is the imide monomer consisting of two acyl groups bonded to the Nitrogen, and the monomers diamines and dianhydrides link to form polyimide.

 Known for their high-temperature performance and chemical resistance, these chemicals are used in rugged chemical synthesis in aerospace, electronics, flat panel display, military appliances, laminating resins, insulating coatings, plastic, films, temperature resistant adhesive and automobiles.

No doubt they have replaced the less durable conventional use of metals, glass and steel, and you can easily avail yourself Polyimide monomers from Polyimide monomer supplier Dakenchem.

The polyimide synthesis And Monomer

 What are the Characteristics of Polyimide monomer?


  • Is Chemical resistance and have high mechanical strength
  • Broad range high-temperature performance; can perform at 400oC to 500o
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion inherently
  • Possess inert imide rings and a high ability to interact in interchain interactions
  • Have Dielectric properties
  • Form both thermosetting and thermoplastic polymers
  • With the aid of other backbone and side functional groups, polyamide monomers show photo reactivity, non-linear optical responsibility, and light-emitting responses.
  • Long but linear ordered chains make them resistant to solvents
  • High glass transition temperature and high modulus
  • They are flame retardants without any addition of flame retardants
  • Are radiation resistant
  • have High bearing and wearing properties


What products do the polyimide monomer have?

Polyimide monomers consist of two components in common; diamine and dianhydrides, which form an imide monomer by polycondensation, and the monomer leads into polyimide by further polymerization. Dupont was the first company to produce polyimide by this process in early 1960 successfully.

  TFMB CAS NO. 341-58-2

The product TFMB is a polyimide monomer with a chemical name 2,2′-Bis(trifluoromethyl)benzidine and is sold under the CAS no of CAS NO. 341-58-2 in the form of light orange powder. Its molecular formula and molecular weights are C14H10F6N2 and 320.23 g/mol, respectively.

TFMB produces flexible but durable transparent polyimides and electronic chemicals. It finds a wide variety of applications in optical films, LCD and OLED.

  6FDA CAS NO. 1107-00-2

6FDA is orange colored powder and has a CAS No 1107-00-2. The molecular formula for this polyimide monomer is C19H6F6O6 with an IUPAC name of 4,4′-(Hexafluoroisopropylidene)diphthalic anhydride. The molecular weight of this polyimide monomer is 444.24 g/mol and is moisture sensitive.

Like many other polyimide monomers, it’ s chemical resistance, high mechanical strength, and ability to withstand high temperatures urges industries to approach Polyimide monomer suppliers to avail this electronic industrial chemical.

  AB-TFMB CAS NO. 1449757-11-2

AB-TEMB is an off white to white powered polyimide monomer with an IUPAC name of N,N’-[2,2′-bis(trifluoromethyl)- [1,1′-biphenyl]-4,4′-diyl] bis[4-aminobenzamid] having molecular formula C28H20F6N4O2 and molecular weight 558.47 g/mole.

Instead of possessing the general characteristics of polyimide monomer, it is a transparent polyimide monomer with ultra-low co-coefficient of thermal expansion and remarkable optoelectronic and image display applications.

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