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CAS NO. 18724-32-8 Bisepoxycyclohexylethyltetramethyldisiloxane

Product name Bisepoxycyclohexylethyltetramethyldisiloxane
CAS NO. 18724-32-8
Purity 98% min
Product Features
CAS NO. 18724-32-8 Bisepoxycyclohexylethyltetramethyldisiloxane
Product Name Bisepoxycyclohexylethyltetramethyldisiloxane
Synonyms 1,3-bis(2-(7-oxabicyclo(4.1.0)hepta-3-yl)ethyl)-1,1,3,3-tetramethyldisiloxane




CAS NO 18724-32-8
Appearance Light yellow liquid
Purity 98% min
MF C20H38O3Si2
MW 382.68
Application CAS NO.: 18724-32-8 is offen used in cationic photocuring systems with other oxetane monomers
Features Silicon-containing monomers increase the toughness of the material, improve the mechanical properties, thermal stability and chemical corrosion resistance of the formula; they have dialiphatic epoxy functional groups and are highly active.
Storage Avoid exposure to light and keep in cool, dry conditions during transportation and storage.
Capacity 2000KG /month
Package 1kg/bottle, 25kg/drum or 200kg/drum
Shipment method By Sea, Air, Courier door to door, etc.
Loading Port China any port, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong etc.
Contact Contact person: Ellen Zhao


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