What is Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 ?

Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 is a colorless and transparent liquid with low volatility and good thermal stability. The product has a purity of over 95.0%, a molecular formula of C5H16OSi2, and a molecular weight of 148.35. Its molecular structure contains two silicon atoms connected by an oxygen atom, and each silicon atom is also connected to three methyl groups. This unique structure endows pentamethyldisiloxane with a range of superior physical and chemical properties.

What is Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0

What are Physical Properties of Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 ?

Low surface tension: The low surface tension of Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 makes it excellent in many surface treatment and lubrication applications.

Low volatility: Despite having a relatively low molecular weight,Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 still exhibits low volatility.

Thermal stability: Its thermal stability ensures that it maintains good performance under high temperature conditions and is not easily decomposed.

What are Chemical Properties of Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 ?

Chemical inertness: Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 exhibits high inertness towards most chemical substances and is less prone to chemical reactions.

Antioxidant properties: It has strong antioxidant properties and can remain stable in an oxidizing environment, making it less prone to degradation.

Strong compatibility: Good compatibility with various organic solvents and polymers, and easy to mix with other chemical substances.

Application area Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0

The multifunctionality of Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 has made it widely used in many fields. The following are several main application areas:

Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

In the cosmetics industry, Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 is often used to prepare various skincare and hair care products. Its low surface tension and good lubrication enable it to form a protective film on the skin and hair, enhancing the user experience of the product.

Specific Applications Include:

Humectant: In lotion and face cream, Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 can help to lock in moisture and improve the softness and smoothness of the skin.

Hair conditioner: In hair care products, it can reduce hair friction, make hair easier to comb, and increase glossiness.

Electronics and Electrical Industry: In the electronics industry, Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 is used to manufacture silicone resin and silicone rubber. In electrical equipment, they are often used as insulation materials and sealants to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment

Medical Devices

What is Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0

Due to its chemical inertness and biocompatibility, Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 also has important applications in medical devices. It is often used as a coating material for medical implants to help reduce tissue friction and inflammatory reactions. In addition, in some pharmaceutical formulations, Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 is also used as an excipient and stabilizer.

Industrial lubricants

The low surface tension and thermal stability of Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 make it an excellent industrial lubricant. It can provide long-lasting lubrication under extreme conditions, reducing wear and energy consumption of mechanical equipment. It is particularly widely used in the aerospace and automotive industries.

What is Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0

Market Demand

With the increasing demand for high-performance materials in various industries, the market demand for Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 is also constantly growing. Especially in the rapidly developing cosmetics and electronics industry, there is a particularly strong demand for Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0.

Production and Supply Chain

The major global producers of Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 are mainly concentrated in the United States, Europe, and China. These regions have advanced production technology and a complete supply chain system. Meanwhile, with the advancement of technology, production costs are gradually decreasing, leading to a continuous improvement in the market competitiveness of Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0.

Market Pospect

In the coming years, the market for Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 is expected to maintain steady growth. The main factors driving market growth include:

Continuous expansion of the cosmetics industry: With the increasing demand from global consumers for high-end cosmetics and personal care products, the application of Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 will continue to expand.

Technological progress in the electronic industry: With the continuous development of electronic products towards high-performance and miniaturization, the demand for high-performance materials will drive the growth of the Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 market.

Improvement of environmental awareness: Pentamethyldisiloxane CAS NO.1438-82-0 has good environmental performance, conforms to the trend of sustainable development, and will gain more market recognition in the future.

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