In this world, the occupation of scientists is at its peak. Several students get admission to various colleges for their bright future in chemicals. After this step, the next phase is to accomplish experiments for inventing many objects such as chemicals.R6M is a popular chemical. In addition, it belongs to those reactive mesogens that play a leading role in the Liquid Crystalline elastomer (LCE) field. Dakenchem is a professional R6M manufacturer, check this post for more information.

R6M RM82

We already know that most people tend to find R6M manufacturers. Before suggesting you a suitable supplier for R6M, we have provided knowledge about this mesogen. Quickly read this entire post to grab accurate knowledge.

What is the basic information about R6M?

The chemical name of R6M is 1,4-BIS-[4-(6ACRYLOYLOXYHEXYLOXY)BENZOYLOXY]-2-METHYLBENZENE. The R6M molecular formula is C39H44O10.

The critical point to discuss is the CAS No of any mesogen. Without knowing it, you cannot buy this reactive mesogen because manufacturers supply it with the assistance of a case number. For your convenience, we have explored its case number. According to research, the R6M case number is 125248-71-7. So, when you need this chemical for your industry next time, you can use this case number for purchasing it.

What are the R6M properties?

Characteristics are the most prominent points of R6M. Whenever an industry buys this reactive mesogen from an R6M manufacturer, it identifies its potential properties to know its efficiency. Furthermore, it helps them to decide whether it is suitable for their industry or not. If you do not know its properties, you must look below to know them.

  • The boiling point of R6M is 779.2±60.0 °C according to our prediction.
  • Again, the density of this chemical is 1.156.
  • Next, the molecular weight of R6M is 672.77.

What is the R6M usage and synthesis?

It is a general phenomenon that no one chemical is invented purposelessly. As a result, R6M has different usages in many industries. We have explained the main applications of R6M below. So look at them.

  • For building artificial muscles, LCEs are crucial.
  • For creating birefringence in polymer fibers, R6M mixes with photopolymers.
  • CLC films with greater density come into existence with this mesogen.
  • R6M is also necessary for the production of cholesteric layers.
  • LC oligomers are also manufactured with many chemicals like R6M, RM82, etc.

Moreover, the synthetic process of this chemical is quite handy but long. For example, chemical manufacturers commit reactions of various raw materials. As a result, a combination of these chemicals gives birth to R6M.

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