R6M is a diacrylate reactive mesogen monomer. Dakenchem is a professional R6M manufacturer, contact us for R6M price!

What is R6M?

R6M is a Diacrylate monomer, liquid crystal monomer, and the monomer of Liquid crystal elastomer (LCE) both electronically and optically. It acts as a monomer of reactive mesogens due to its birefringence properties. It is also characterized as an LCD monomer and electronic chemical. This article will cover basic information and R6M price.

R6M exists in white powder form having a mol. formula of C39H44O10 and a chemical formula of 2-methyl-1,4-phenylene bis(4-((6(acryloloxy)hexyl)oxy)benzoate). R6M is actually the product name, but it is also easily available in the market under the CAS No 125248-71-7 with a molecular formula of 672.77gmol.

It is primarily used to obtain liquid crystals of specific optical properties, mechanical strength, electrical, switchable properties, and a good viewing angle. It is also used in manufacturing liquid crystal elastomers, PDLCs, light retardation plates in electronics, ultra-fast liquid crystal elastomers (artificial muscle), and soft robotics.

What are the common packages for R6M?

The common packages for R6M are sealed fluoride bottles and airtight glass bottles. The sealed and airtight bottles avoid the diffusion of gasses into the R6M and avoid environmental retardation. It is packed in a safe environment at room temperature and kept away from any other flame-catching chemicals. R6M is packed in leak proof and visibly safe packing material for chemical transportation purposes.

 If you are shipping R6M in bulk, it should be stored in tote bin and plastic drums. But it’s mostly recommended to store R6M in a fluoride bottle due to the protective layer of Paneling that protects from environmental hazards. Glass bottles are preferred in the sense you can peek inside the bottle to see its physical appearance and color. Instead, a glass bottle is robust because it is not liable to react with acids or bases due to its remarkable neutral nature, and it does not contaminate the chemical inside the bottle.

What is the R6M price?

R6M price depends on the quality and purity of the R6M offered by different companies. Ambeed sells 250mg of R6M at the rate of 6$ with 95 percent purity. The R6M price on Arctom is 9$(discounted price) for 1 g of R6M having less than 96% purity and Arctom ship the chemical within 5-6 days. Contact dackenchem to get R6M at a reasonable price and high purity. Dackenchem offers fast delivery with a 100% money-back guarantee if the product does not meet the demands.

What will affect the R6M price?

The chemical price is determined by the individual ingredient added to make the desired chemical. The market value of an R6M plays a significant role in its price fluctuation. The scarcity of R6M in the market may lead to a sharp surge in the R6M price. Similarly, the temperature, pressure, and atmospheric conditions required to form a chemical also play a remarkable role in the price fluctuation. The flammability, ignition properties, and explosive behavior of chemicals increase their price because of the safety issue involved during packing, storing, and shipping the chemical. The purity of R6M can increase or decrease the price of R6M.

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