From some recent years, the liquid crystalline elastomer (LCE) field has been gaining popularity. For this purpose, R6M is considered a crucial element. Furthermore, the commercial availability of R6M has also been increasing due to its various usages in various industries.  As the R6M supplier, Dakenchem will share with you about the R6M checmical.

Are you curious to find about R6M? Or do you want to know about its properties or characteristics? Or are you exploring a certified R6M supplier? 

If the reply to any of the above queries is yes, you are at the right place. In this informative post, you will find information that you want related to R6M. 

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What is the R6M formula and characteristic?

With the molecular formula of C39H44O10 and the product name of 2-methyl-1,4-phenylene bis(4-((6-(acryloloxy)hexyl)oxy)benzoate), R6M is a diacrylate reactive mesogenic monomer. But, first, take a look at its fundamental characteristics. 

  1. With a length ratio of 4:1, the molecules have a stick structure. 
  2. Polar and polarizable groups at their molecular ends are present, which keeps them orderly. 
  3. Slight stiffness and flexibility are the basic features of the long axis of the molecules. 
  4. Whether you need an LCD monomer, RM material, or electronic chemical, R6M can be served for all these purposes. 
  5. Photosensitive properties are the most more significant feature of the main-chain liquid crystal monomer. 

What are R6M applications?

It is a general fact that every liquid crystal monomer has wrapped some identical benefits in itself. Some of the applications of R6M in different fields are presented below. So you can get an overview of this application in your daily lives by continuing your reading. 

  • In the health industry, R6M plays a vital role. For example, LCEs has become one of the most identical material for creating artificial muscles. 
  • For manufacturing LCE films, R6M connects with RM82, RM257, and the dithiol chain transfer agent. 
  • The creation of birefringence in polymer fibers, R6M RM82, copolymerizes with a photopolymer called NOA65. 

How to form R6M?

For the accomplishment of a variety of chemical reaction conversions, basic chemical raw materials get combined. As a result, liquid crystal immediate and liquid crystal monomers such as R6M come into existence. 

The classification standard of the China petroleum and chemical industry association has declared R6M a fine chemical product that has its association with an excellent chemical sector. 

Moreover, during the manufacturing of the R6M monomer, a wide range of other specialized chemical products are made through reactions. 

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