Dakenchem is a professional reactive mesogens supplier in China with about 38 years of experience. In this post, we will share with you about the reactive mesogens and its applications.

What is the Reactive mesogens?

A unique type of polymerizable liquid crystal with characteristic molecules that can freeze its liquid crystal molecules on polymerization with optical birefringence is categorized under Reactive mesogens and is supplied by reactive mesogens suppliers throughout the world.

They have nearly identical properties as liquid crystals, and the replication of a variety of Reactive mesogens has a remarkable influence on the fabrication of electro-optic devices.

What are the reactive mesogens characteristics?

  • Have Electrospinning, fiber reinforcement, phase separation, thermal and mechanical
  • After processing into standard liquid crystals and polymerization leads to the end product with stable anisotropic properties and shape.
  • Act as retardation plates for light-emitting display screens
  • Offer phase stabilization in liquid crystals
  • Act as an essential component of electrically and optically active elastomers
  • OLED and LCDs display screens are improved by coating a thin film on either rigid or flexible substrates with the aid of reactive mesogens
  • Reactive mesogens offer a safe viewing angle by dark state transmission to prevent OLED reflection.

 What are the main products that we have?

   RM257 CAS NO. 174063-87-7

The product RM257 is sold under CAS no of 174063-87-7 with a molecular formula of C33H32O10 having product name, 2-Methyl-1,4-phenylene bis(4-(3-(acryloyloxy)propoxy)benzoate) by reactive mesogens suppliers like Dakenchem and many others. This white powder has a molecular formula of 588.60118 and is used as an electronic chemical.

It has sticky nature and polar and non-polar groups to maintain its ordered orientation.


  LC242 CAS NO.187585-64-4

4-[[[4-1-Oxo-2-propenyl)oxy]butoxy]carbonyl]oxy]benzoic acid 2-methyl-1,4-phenylene ester is the IUPAC name for the product sold under the CAS number 187585-64-4, which is a white powder having molecular formula C37H34O11 and molecular weight 702.65746 g/mol.

This electronic chemical’s molecules show flexibility and rigidity to some extend and contain polar and non-polar groups to maintain orientation.

LC242 Supplier

   LC756 CAS NO.223572-88-1

LC 756 has IUPAC name, 1,4:3,6-Dianhydro-D-glucitol bis[4-[[4-[[[4-[(1-oxo-2-propenyl)oxy]butoxy]carbonyl]oxy]benzoyl]oxy]benzoate] with a molecular formula of C40H46O20 and molecular weight 966.9.

This powdered material is used to form cholesteric liquid crystals that contribute to the emergence of a variety of bright colors through interference.       R6M CAS NO.125248-71-7

The R6M is a white powder having the chemical name 1,4-BIS-[4-(6-ACRYLOYLOXYHEXYLOXY)BENZOYLOXY]-2-METHYLBENZENE with a molecular formula C39H44O10 and molecular weight 672.77 g/mol.

 It’s a white powder and is used as an electronic chemical or chemical material intermediate.

R6M RM82

 RM23 CAS NO.83847-14-7

RM23 is sold under the CAS NO.83847-14-7, chemical name 4-(6-Acryloyloxyhexyloxy)-benzoesure (4-cyanophenylester), having a molecular formula of C23H23NO5 and molecular weight of 393.43 g/mol.

It’s used as an intermediate in synthesizing many pharmaceutical and industrial products.

RM23 chemical supplier

  RM105 CAS NO.82200-53-1

The RM105 is a white powder with a chemical formula of Benzoesure, 4-[[6-[(1-oxo-2-propenyl)oxy]hexyl]oxy]-, 4-methoxyphenylester and a molecular formula C23H26O6 and molecular weight of 398.44894.

RM105 is an LCD monor, that can be polymerized to get liquid crystals polymers or liquid crystal elastomers.

RM105 LCD chemical

 About reactive mesogens supplier Dakenchem:

Dakenchem is a reactive mesogens supplier and supplier of various Catalysts, electronic chemicals, organic silanes, OLED intermediates, LCD intermediates, chiral dopants, and other fine synthesis chemicals in Zhengzhou, China. As Dakenchem has an experienced research team to synthesize fine chemicals, you can avail yourself of the desired chemical, whether it’s a reactive mesogen or any other fine chemical, just by clicking on the order button.   

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