RM257 is a reactive diacrylate mesogen which shows a molecular form of C33H32O10 having an IUPAC name 2-Methyl-1,4-phenylene bis(4-(3-(acryloyloxy)propoxy)benzoate). Its molecular weight is 588.60 g/mol. It is sold in the market under the product name RM257 and the CAS no 174063-87-7. This article covers usage and RM257 price in detail.

How to form the RM257


What is the RM257 usage?

  • It is well known because of its use as a liquid crystal monomer, and it changes from isotropic to nematic liquid crystal under different temperatures. It shows polarizability, flexibility, and rigidity.
  • It is used in the photopolymerization of anisotropic liquid crystals, and its negative dielectric helps the crystal rotate in multiple directions. It is also used in the synthesis of nanocrystals that are thermoresponsive.
  • It is an active ingredient of blue phase liquid crystals and thermal responsive nanocrystal.
  • It reduces the backflow effect by reducing the bright transmission state.
  • This reactive mesogen is also actively used to form emulsion and sensors.
  • It is used to form photo replicated and anisotropic liquid crystals used for optical discs readout.
  • The Photostability of azo dyes can be enhanced with the help of RM257.

What are the common packages for RM257?

RM257 is packed in fluoride bottles because they are robust enough to bear any environmental stress and are resistant to deterioration. With the help of flouring gas, the paneling for fluoride bottles builds a protective layer around the plastic walls to avoid any acid or essential reactions. The fluoride bottles increase the shelf life of RM257 by reducing the danger associated with collapsing, sinking inward, or puffing outward. Instead, glass bottles are safe to use that don’t allow any gas or liquid to penetrate from the atmosphere to contaminate the RM257 in glass bottle. The glass bottles can somehow maintain the temperature to room temperature that provides RM257 as a safe environment, leading to an increase in the material’s shelf life.

What is the RM257 price?

The price of RM257 depends on the quality and purity of the RM257 offered by different companies. Arctom sells the 5g of RM257 at the rate of 158$ under the product name AS024641. Ambeer sells the 5g of RM257 at the rate of 160$ under the product name 187585644. Alichem sells the 5g of RM257 at the rate of 150$ under the product name 187585644. At the same time, you can find RM257 with 99% purity at a reasonable price of ……$ with fast delivery at its manufacture Dackenchem. The RM257 supplied by the manufacturer Dakenchem is free from impurities and is not liable to environmental retardation.

What will affect the RM257 price?

The primary factor in determining the RM257 price is the price of ingredients from which it is formed. The more costly the ingredient, the more costly, RM257. Instead, the price of a chemical is primarily decided by the demand in the scientific, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors. The more the demand, the more expensive the RM257 similarly, if the chemical is very rare, there are more chances of high price. RM257 Price also depends on the conditions under which it is prepared and on the purity of the chemical.