Danken is a Company that primarily deals with the development and synthesis of chemicals. For instance, RM572 is an electronic chemical product, packed in fluoride or glass bottle meant specifically for the electronic market. Similarly, the Company deals in other products like RM5011, which is also chiral dopants. In this post, we will share with you about the RM chemicals products.




Moreover, the Chemical is produced for the electronic market. Further, the Company produces molecules such as organic silenes, electronic chemicals, and chemical intermediates. Nevertheless, the Company’s core objective is to produce chemicals that are used to solve scientific problems. 

Based on the mode of operation and product listing on the website, it is evident that the Company is determined to revolutionize the business and technology industry. Most of the chemicals innovated by Danken increases efficiency and also helps to avoid toxic chemicals like led.

While Danken may be considered a medium-sized Company, it has the sophisticated facilities to engage in chemical research and innovation, which explain the production of chemical likes RM1011 and RM 5011. The products of this particular Company can be used by other organizations to facilitate their research work.

In essence, the Company does not research diseases or biological interventions. Instead, it prepares Chemical molecules that may be beneficial to all industries. It is, therefore, upon researchers from different fields to apply such products to facilitate their research works. Nevertheless, the Company has a hundred kinds of new products that are fit for use by customers in different fields around the world.

In conclusion, Danken is among the fast-growing Chemical research and innovation Companies; however, the approach seems to be quite different from others. We primarily focuses on chemicals, but not offering biological solutions. This, therefore, means that Danken has chosen a niche of specialization to improve efficiency in the achievement of its objectives.

While other companies deal in the research of multiple and different products, Danken focuses on the RM chemicals products. Moreover, from website, anyone can tell their operation and the kind of products that they deal with. The Company is organized and continues to produce new products, which will help to solve some of the chemical challenges experienced in the world.

Our company Henan Daken Chemical Co., Ltd was established in June 1983. With 38 years of history in the fine chemical synthesis industry. We have built our technical team of 27persons, among which there are six persons with a Doctor’s degree and nine persons with a Master’s degree in chemicals. And we have 61 projects at a national or provincial level,29 patents,116 papers, and 12 awards by the government. Below is our laboratory:

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