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What is RM105 and its formula?

RM105 CAS NO.82200-53-1 RM105 is a Monoacrylate liquid crystal monomer belonging to the reactive mesogens class. Like many other reactive mesogens, it has characteristic anisotropic and nematic phases. It has tremendous significance in liquid crystal modification, genetic and elemental analysis in agriculture and element detection in organic chemistry.

We will discuss some basic information, RM105 applications and RM105 supplier Dakenchem.

 It is a white powder with the molecular formula C23H26O6. Its IUPAC name is 4-[[6-[(1-oxo-2-propenyl)oxy]hexyl]oxy]-, 4-methoxyphenylester and molecular weight is 398.44894.

It is an LCD monomer and electronic chemical that leads to the synthesis of liquid crystals polymers and liquid crystal elastomers by different methods.

What are the RM105 applications?


We will sum up some of the important applications of RM105 that have been discussed in various research articles so far.

  • Polymerization of RM105 leads to the synthesis of Liquid crystal polymer or Liquid crystal elastomer. Stimuli-responsive liquid crystals elastomers have rubber-like elasticity and muscle-like contraction, which can be used in Soft robotics, transport systems, and sensing. They mimic biological tissues like skin.
  • Synthesis of thin-film color filters and polarizer doped with dye is carried out using diacrylate monomers and monoacrylate monomer RM105 by photopolymerization. The dye-doped polarizer has a broad absorption band, high thermal stability, high chemical resistivity, and that’s why they are used to synthesize optical devices and thin film.
  • It is used to synthesize stimuli-responsive liquid crystal networks and nematic liquid crystals.
  • RM105 applications in the genetic analysis are very compelling. They are used as chromosome markers for the gene analysis of rolled leaves of rice, which is further used in the analysis of phosphorous content in rice that causes stress in the rice plant at the seedling stage.
  • It is used to develop marker-assisted crosslines which are used in the development of grains breeds and different crops, which are drought tolerant.
  • The selective and sensitive vapor detection in organic chemistry by the used polymer-stabilized blue phase liquid crystals is achieved using RM105.
  • Photonic memory polymers with persistent multiple colors are synthesized using RM105.
  • The cholesteric liquid crystals containing hydrogen bridging and porosity are synthesized by adding RM105, which has a low cross-linking density and high content of alkyloxybenzoic acid, which are capable of distinguishing methanol from ethanol.
  • These photopolymerizable mesogens are used to synthesize BPLC.
  • Various industries like steel, iron, building, and construction work using different RM105 applications.
  • It is used in the medical industry to manufacture various medical appliances and in Drug delivery.

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