For generating liquid crystal polymer (LCP) with its own assistance or a reaction of liquid crystal elastomer (LCE) with other moieties, RM 105 can be polymerized. This white color powder has no labile functional groups. Our company Dakenchem is a professional RM105 supplier, check this post for more information about RM105.

In the chemical industry, RM105 has utmost importance. Are you not aware of RM105, its basic features, fundamental applications, and how you can find an RM105 supplier? If yes, do not worry. In this post, we will give a complete overview of RM 105  CAS NO 82200-53-1

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What is the RM105 formula and characteristic?

RM105 is a special kind of LCD monomer that has a molecular formula of C23H26O6. Whether we require an RM material, electronic chemical, or monoacrylate reactive mesogen, RM105 is the ultimate solution for all your needs. Take a look at the characteristics of RM105 to get further information about this chemical. 

  1. It has a length ratio of 4:1 with a stick structure of molecules. 
  2. For maintaining an orderly arrangement of molecules, its molecular edges consist of polar groups. 
  3. It has a property of molecular axis bending as well as some rigidity. 

What are RM105 applications?

No doubt, every chemical has wrapped a bundle of benefits in itself. The same case is with RM105. Therefore, various RM105 suppliers exist. Some of the critical applications of RM105 are present below to give you an idea of its importance in daily routine work. 

  • Most companies tend to utilize polymer-stabilized liquid crystal over smart windows and optical shutters for high transmitting, great haze value, low driving voltage, and a quick response time. 
  • The formation of recyclable polymeric LC beads, which are more stable and help in sensing, comes into existence through RM105 with the combination of synthesized rhodamine B-derived monomer, RM257, and a nonreactive mesogen of 5CB.  
  • In the printable CLC polymer coating production, a mixture of two mesogens, monoacrylate (RM105) and diacrylate (RM257), is used. 
  • Mono-acrylate reactive mesogen RM105 and diacrylate reactive mesogen RM82 work as photopolymerizable monomers and play a vital role in generating PSLC devices. 
  • From adaptive structural colors to innovative coating for automobiles, home decorations, and anticounterfeiting, RM105 or such responsive photonic materials are the leading interest chemicals for researchers or manufacturers. 

How to form RM105?

Whether you want to make liquid crystal monomers or liquid crystal intermediates, several primary chemical raw materials add for various chemical reaction conversions. After this step, C23H26O6 produces which is a molecular formula of RM105. 

According to the China petroleum and chemical industry association’s classification standard, RM 105, an LCD polymer, is a part of the fine chemical industry to manufacture many other specialized chemical products. 

About RM105 supplier Dakenchem

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