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What is RM23 and its formula?

RM23 is a Mono acrylate liquid crystal monomer that belongs to the reactive mesogen class, which has anisotropic and nematic phases and lowers the crosslinking density of different materials. They have excellent photophysical and photochemical performance and behave well under UV light exposure. They have broad mesophase and low transition temperature.

rm23 CAS NO.83847-14-7

RM23 has a CAS NO.83847-14-7, and the IUPAC name for this is, 4-(6-Acryloyloxyhexyloxy)-benzoesure (4-cyanophenylester). Its molecular formula is C23H23NO5, and it exists in the form of white crystalline powder. Its molecular weight is 393.43 g/mol, and you can save it in fluoride bottles.

What are the RM23 applications?

RM23 applications are found in the chemical industry as an intermediate in synthesizing many organic and pharmaceutical chemicals and various industrial products, especially in electronics and display screens.

We have compiled concise information from different research articles to provide you with an overlook of the applications of RM23, which are listed below.

  • It is used in the mixture of nematic light-emitting liquid crystal that are crosslinked with a network of LC-WOLED (white light organic light-emitting diodes), showing a polarized white light and voltage-independent light emission. And this type of crystal will help us create different design patterns through photolithography and inkjet printing in roll-to-roll synthesis.
  • It is used in synthesizing spectrophotometer and laser instruments used for the detection and evaluation of different elements.
  • It is used to synthesize a polymer domain network and glassy photomechanical liquid crystal having azodye as a side chain through copolymerization of RM23 and RM257.
  • It is used to prepare nematic gels with chirality, crosslink concentration, and reflection tuning ability.
  • RM23 applications in sensing, photonics, display screens, optical filters, retarders, diffraction grating and mirrorless lasers preparation are very famous.
  • It is used to prepare an electrically tuned reflection band broadening of a polymer network of cholesteric liquid crystals.
  • It is used in the polymer stabilization and photo tuning of cholesteric liquid crystals.
  • Turns and twist in glassy liquid crystals is attributed to the addition of RM23 monomer in liquid crystal fabrication.
  • The formation of a fixed shape azobenzene network of liquid crystal polymer is achieved through RM23 applications, where it reduces the threshold temperature but enhances the deflection magnitude.
  • The DNA markers in salinity detection in rice breed to find crosslinks use RM23, RM217, RM35, RM6, RM140 as microsatellite markers.
  • It serves the medical industry in safe drug delivery and efficient tissue culture.

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