No doubt, chemicals are crucial for fulfilling domestic and industrial needs. Without chemicals, we cannot invent tremendous objects to comfort human beings.RM23 is a mono acrylate liquid crystal monomer that plays an indispensable role in innovating our lives with the manufacturing of leading technological advances. Dakenchem is a professional RM23 manufacturer, check this post for more information.


Are you willing to grasp complete details about RM23? Or are you probing a reliable RM23 manufacturer for buying it? For accomplishment of such needs, we have endeavored a guide on this topic.

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What is the basic information about RM23?

RM23 belongs to the class of reactive mesogens. Aside from its common name, the IUPAC name is also important to remember this mesogen. 5-[4-(4 cyanophenyl)phenoxy]pentyl prop-2-enoate is its chemical name.

In addition, CAS No of RM23 is 83847-14-7. Whenever you go to any supplier, you must tell it’s IUPAC or CAS No for buying this electronic material.

After getting this product, you must be careful to store it. For example, you cannot place it in a wet place. Low temperature with dryness is suitable for its storage.

What are RM23 properties?

A purchaser should understand the entire properties of RM23 if he wants to get a reliable product. Otherwise, he may be cheated by suppliers. Product should be bought from trustworthy RM23 manufacturers. For your benefit, we have described its properties below. You must study the below characteristics of RM23 to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Its molecular formula is C23H23NO5.
  • The appearance of RM23 is in white powdered form.
  • RM23 has some rigidity and bending qualities too.
  • Molecules of RM23 contain orderly orientation due to their feature of polarized groups.
  • With its length ratio of 4:1, its structure is strict.

What is the RM23 usage and synthesis?

Most people do not know whether their industry needs this reactive mesogen or not. On the other hand, some are unaware of its synthesis process. For helping both kinds of persons, we have collected and presented your desired information below.

  • Photonics, sensing, optical filters, and preparation of mirrorless lasers come into existence with the assistance of RM23.
  • Whether you require cholesteric liquid crystal photo tuning or stabilization of polymers, you can utilize RM23.
  • In the medical field, doctors use it for the best tissue culture and safe delivery of drugs to human bodies.

Now, let us discuss its synthesis process. Like many other mesogens, RM23 is also manufactured with the reactions of several raw materials of different chemicals.

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