Do you want to enhance the image quality of displays? Or are you finding a liquid crystal that can help you detect arteries, tumors, or veins? Or do you need any assistance in your research gadgets in the field of magnetic resonance?  Our company Dakenchem is a professional RM257 supplier, in this post, we will share with you several things about RM257.

RM257 is the ultimate solution for all your queries mentioned above. This nematic liquid crystal polymer is comprised of stiff cores and reactive end groups. With its polymerization and mesogenic features, RM257 does wonderful things.

Are you unaware of what is RM257, its basic features, formation, applications, and which is the best RM257 supplier where you can purchase it? If yes, carry on reading this post. Here, we’ll provide a complete guide on this benignant chemical.

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What is the RM257 formula and characteristic?

This reactive diacrylate mesogen substance has a molecular formula C33H32O10. 2-Methyl-1,4-phenylene bis(4-(3-(acryloyloxy)propoxy)benzoate) is the chemical formula or product name of RM257. Whether you want an RM material, electronic chemical, or LCD monomer, you can serve RM257 for all purposes.

Some of the main characteristics of RM257 are present below.

  1. By applying an electric field, a nematic liquid crystal monomer aligns under 67 degrees to 130 degrees centigrade.
  2. With its stick structure, it has a length ratio of 4:1.
  3. Molecules are arranged systematically because of the presence of polar and polarizable groups at the molecular terminals.
  4. Flexibility and rigidity are the core features of the long axis of the molecules.

What are RM257 applications?

No doubt, every chemical or liquid crystal monomer has some identical benefits in itself. The same case is with RM257. Some of the general applications of RM257 describes below. After knowing its benefits, you will surely buy it from an RM257 supplier.

  • In the digital world, RM257 liquid crystal has changed the lives of various people. From a small mobile phone to big screens, liquid crystal films incorporate.
  • In the pharmaceutical industry, RM257 plays a vital role.
  • Several fluids, such as soapy water have consist of liquid crystals. For instance, LC phases generate in the water depending upon the concentration of soap.
  • Most company owners tend to choose liquid crystal systems for drug delivery because of their efficient response to PH and temperature.
  • Some optical memory devices such as CDs and DVDs have a liquid crystal film for reading and recording data.

How to form RM257?

First of all, put the four-gram of RM257 in a 30ml vial. Then add 1.6-gram toluene to this chemical and give heat to eighty degrees for dissolving on a hot plate.

After dissolving, cool down this mixture. Now add 0.217g PETMP, 0.9157g of EDDET, and 0.0257g of HHMP. Then make a separate catalyst solution with the help of toluene and dilute dipropylamine (DPA).

Again mix up monomer solution with a diluted catalyst solution. Now leave this reaction to happen for 12 hours. Then, you have to place samples in vacuum chambers for 24 hours. In the end, you will get a glossy white and opaque mixture at room temperature.

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