Electric chemicals usually refer to the special chemicals and chemicals in the electronics industry. They are generally electronic components, printed circuit boards, various chemicals, and materials for industry machine production and packaging. We are professional semiconductor chemical suppliers, in this post, we will share with you more information about the semiconductor.

Semiconductor chemical suppliers

What are semiconductor chemicals?

Before we know the semiconductor chemicals, let’s first look at the semiconductor materials. Semiconductor materials are kind of electronic materials with semiconductor properties.
And generally, the conductivity is between conductors and insulators. Since the materials’ resistivity is about 1mΩ·cm~1G, they are usually semiconductor devices and integrated circuits.
The semiconductor materials are usually single crystal material, and it is not good as gallium arsenide. And the electric chemicals can help to get purer crystal materials and improve performance.

What chemicals are used in semiconductor manufacturing

Since the chemicals can help improve the semiconductor performance, the main electric chemicals are trichloroethylene, acetone, isopropanol, and other alcohols such as denatured ethanol. Below is the chemicals list that usually uses.

  • Cyclohexanone CAS NO. 108–94-1
  • Propylene glycol Monomethyl ether CAS NO. 107–98-2
  • Vitreous CAS NO. 676–86-0
  • Carbon black CAS NO. 1333–86-4
  • Sulfuric acid CAS NO. 7664–93-9

What are the main semiconductor materials market for electric chemicals?

Silicon wafers are a kind of semiconductor material, and their materials are crystalline silicon and a key component in the fabrication of integrated circuits. And its application is a kind of substrate for microelectronics devices. The main use of silicon wafers is in the building blocks of electronic devices, such as computers and smartphones. Other services are in the tire pressure systems and solar cells. The integrated circuits and solar markets’ growth will bring the silicon wafer market growth.

About Dakenchem- professional semiconductor chemicals supplier

Our company Daken Chemical started fine chemical synthesis in 1983. With the development of 38 years, we have built our young technology team with 27 persons. There are six persons with a doctor’s degree, and nine persons have a master’s degree in Chemical.
We have about 61 national and provincial projects and have gained 29 patents,116 papers, and 12 awards from the government.

Semiconductor chemical suppliers 1

What is our strength in the semiconductor chemical?

As our company has cooperation with Zhengzhou University, which has the Postdoctoral Research Program Laboratory. To our R&D ability stand out of others.
Besides our R&D ability, our company also developed our quality control system; we have our QC brochure and relevant profiles to audit the QC system during the whole production procedure.

Our semiconductors mainly include performance materials, custom synthesis,  please turn to our products page to view more.




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