TFMB is a diamine monomer that does not allow chain packing. Its highly durable nature supports interchain packing when present in crystalline form. Moreover, it is a beneficial chemical due to double CF3. Dakenchem is a professional TFMB Manufacturer, check this post for more information!

In addition, its applications are extensive in various sectors. For example, sometimes, it is used to prepare aromatic poly. On the other hand, polyimide films also come into existence due to incorporating this chemical.

However, most people are unaware of the basic knowledge about TFMB like formula, CAS number, or TFMB manufacturer. Therefore, we have combined some paragraphs in this piece of writing to give you knowledge about TFMB. So continue reading.

What is TFMB short of?

Most of the time, people need TFMB for fulfilling the demand of their company. But they fail to grab perfect products due to a lack of knowledge. For example, many people do not even know the complete form of TFMB. If you also do not see this fact, it is Trifluoromethyl benzidine. Whenever you go to a supplier, you have to remember its complete form with short form too.

What is the TFMB formula?

In this digital era, the chances of mistakes have also increased. For example, if a person wants to place an order of TFMB and does not know its molecular forms, he may give the wrong order. In this way, vast amounts of money can waste. Therefore, you must know the formula of every chemical, such as TFMB.

The molecular formula of TFMB is C14H10F6N2. Next time, whenever you select the TFMB manufacturer for placing an order, check this formula and TFMB price to affirm the correct order. This practice will prove beneficial for you.

What is the TFMB CAS NO?

When you know TFMB’s complete form and formula, the next step is to know the CAS number. The reason is that the CAS number plays a vital role in chemistry. Every company sells its chemical products such as monomers, polymers, or mesogens under a specific number.

According to our research, the TFMB CAS number is 341-58-2. When you need TFMB, you just need to search this number in the search bar on the supplier’s website. Then, you will indeed find this product without any difficulty. After exploring, take a complete analysis of this chemical monomer and order.

About TFMB manufacturer Dakenchem?

If you need TFMB and do not know an authentic supplier, it will be a pretty tricky task to grab this chemical monomer. However, do not worry about this point because we suggest you pick Dakenchem as the best chemical supplier worldwide.

The first benefit of choosing Dakenchem as a TFMB manufacturer is that the TFMB price is very reasonable. Next, their manufacturing quantity is 1500kg per month so that you can place a more significant order without any hurdles. Then, their packaging of supplying TFMB is fluoride or glass bottle. Therefore, there is no chance of leakage being present. Moreover, if you live in any corner of the world, you will find your order on your doorstep. Therefore, do not waste time and contact the Dakenchem team instantly.

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