Whether you are looking for high-tensile strength or upper-level stability features in a monomer, TFMB is suitable for fulfilling all the needs that you can get from a TFMB supplier.

People tend to buy this chemical in various industries due to its wide applications in every field of life. On the other hand, some are unaware of its functions and ignore it. As a result, they fail to achieve more prominent advantages.

You must know about this monomer if you also belong to those ignorant persons. The best point is that you do not need to go anywhere for exploring knowledge about it because we have compiled a complete article on this valuable topic.

So let us get started!

What are the TFMB and its applications?

It is a potential chemical monomer having a molecular weight of 320.23. Whether you need specialty chemical or functional materials, their formation comes into existence with the incorporation of this monomer. A deep analysis of its applications is presented below to give you an idea about its advantages in several industries.

  • First of all, the characteristics of Aromatic poly enhances with TFMB.
  • In the manufacturing of polyimide films, TFMB is utilized by experts. Then, they cover photosensitive materials in laptops, mobile phones, computers, etc.
  • Next, the alignment of liquid crystal layers is also possible with the incorporation of TFMB.
  • For ameliorating solubility and heat resistance, it is used in the materials of polyisoimide.
  • Again, polyimide aerogels are also made incorporating TFMB to enhance stability strength.

What is the TFMB CAS NO and structure?

Whenever you buy a reactive chemical, you must be familiar with its CAS number and TFMB supplier. Therefore, you have to know about the TFMB CAS number. For your convenience, we have explored its CAS No. 341-58-2. Another name of this monomer is 2,2′-Bis (trifluoromethyl) benzidine. Moreover, the appearance of this power is light orange color.

Moreover, its structure is very rigid and linear. Due to its linear features, many professionals use it to lower the coefficient of polyimides thermal expansion. It contains two CF3 in itself. Furthermore, it belongs to the electron-withdrawing group.

How to form the TFMB?

The formation of TFMB is only possible in laboratories. A layperson cannot manufacture it at the ease of home. A qualified chemist gets a degree in this field. Then, perform practical for the preparation of TFMB by reactions of different chemicals. Therefore, we suggest you buy this monomer from a renowned chemical manufacturing company.

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