What is p-Aminophenyltrimethoxysilane CAS NO.33976-43-1 ?

p-Aminophenyltrimethoxysilane CAS NO.33976-43-1 is an organic silicon compound belonging to the category of silane compounds, the chemical formula is C9H15NO3Si, the molecular weight is approximately 181.3 g/mol. Its structure contains a silicon atom, which is replaced by three methoxy groups and one aminophenyl group. This compound has certain applications in organic synthesis and materials science. In this post, Dakenchem will share knowlege about what is p-Aminophenyltrimethoxysilane.

What is the structure of p-Aminophenyltrimethoxysilane CAS NO.33976-43-1 ?




The molecular structure of aminophenyl trimethoxysilane includes a silicon atom (Si) connected to an aminophenyl (C6H5NH2), and three methoxy (CH3O) groups connected to the silicon atom.

1. Appearance and state: Usually colorless to light yellow liquid, it is liquid at room temperature. This liquid may have a special odor.
2. Melting point : 60-62 ° C,
3. Boiling point : 241.2 º C at 760mmHg
4. Flash point :180 ° C
5. Reactive density: 1,19 g/cm3
6. Refractive index: The refractive index of aminophenyl trimethoxysilane may vary due to factors such as temperature, wavelength, and concentration.
7. Solubility: Aminophenyl trimethoxysilane has good solubility in common organic solvents, such as ethanol, acetone, and dimethylformamide. However, due to the hydrophobicity of silane, its solubility in water is relatively poor.
8. Volatility: Due to the presence of methoxy groups, aminophenyl trimethoxysilane may have some volatility and can evaporate into gas under appropriate conditions.

What are applications of p-Aminophenyltrimethoxysilane CAS NO.33976-43-1

1. Surface treatment agents and wetting agents: Due to the hydrophobicity and surface activity of silane, it is commonly used as a surface treatment agent to improve the adhesion and weather resistance of coatings, inks, adhesives, etc. It can also be used as a wetting agent for glass and metal surfaces.

2. Polymer modifier: It can be used as a modifier for polymers to improve their adhesion, chemical resistance, and heat resistance.

3. Adhesive: In some cases, p-Aminophenyltrimethoxysilane CAS NO.33976-43-1 can be used as a component of the adhesive for bonding different types of materials, such as metals, plastics, and glass.

4. Biomedical applications: In the biomedical field, this compound can be used for coating, film, and interface modification to improve the biocompatibility and bioadhesiveness of biomedical devices.


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