CAS NO.123864-17-5

Reactive Mesogen Material; LCD Monomer; RM Material; Electronic chemicals
제품 특징
카스 아니오. 123864-17-5 1,4-페닐렌 비스(4-((아크릴로일옥시)메톡시)벤조에이트)
상품명 1,4-phenylene bis(4-((acryloyloxy)methoxy)benzoate)
동의어 1,4-phenylene bis(4-((acryloyloxy)methoxy)benzoate)
CAS 번호 123864-17-5
모습 White solid
시험 95%
MF C38H42O10
MW 658.73
보관 조건 저온 및 건조 유지
용량 1000KG/month
패키지 In Fluoride bottle ,glass bottle etc.
로딩 포트 중국 어떤 항구, 베이징, 상해, 홍콩
배송 방법 바다, 공기, 택배 호별 등
신청 suzuki reaction

Introduction of liquid crystal monomer Liquid crystal intermediates and liquid crystal monomer is obtained by adding a variety of basic chemical raw materials for a variety of chemical reaction conversion and become, according to the classification standard of China petroleum and chemical industry association, belongs to the fine chemical industry in other specialized chemical products manufacturing industry


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