CAS NO.1314-15-4

Precious metal catalysts (PMC) ,Noble metal catalyst , heterogeneous catalysts ,homogeneous catalysts.
제품 특징
CAS NO.1314-15-4 Platinum dioxide
상품명 Platinum dioxide
동의어 PLATINUMOXIDE(Black);Platinum(IV)oxide,anhydrous,Premion,99.95%(metalsbasis),Pt84.4%min;PlatinuM(Ⅱ)oxide;PlatinuMoxideaChemicalbooknhydrous;PlatinuM(IV)oxide,


CAS 번호 1314-15-4
모습 Brown to black crystal
PD 콘텐츠 98%
MW 227.08
아이넥스 215-223-0
보관 조건 실온에서 직사광선을 피하십시오
용량 100KG /month
패키지 종이 드럼 / 불소 드럼 / 철 드럼 / 플라스틱 드럼 / IBC 탱크 등
배송 방법 DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, EMS, 항공, 해상 등
로딩 포트 중국 어떤 항구, 베이징, 상해, 홍콩
신청 Used as a catalyst for Suzuki and Stile couplings.
Product Categories Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry;Homogeneous Pd Catalysts;Palladium;Pd

Introduction of the Platinum dioxide CAS NO.1314-15-4

[1’1-Bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene] dichloropalladium(II),complex

with dichloromethane CAS NO.95464-05-4,complex with dichloromethane is a catalyst with molecular weight of 816.64 for carbonylation, cross coupling reaction, and SUZUKI reaction.

Feature of the Platinum dioxide

  1. Mild reaction conditions
  2. High activity
  3. High selectivity
  4. High temperature resistance

Related chemicals of

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