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CAS NO.1169223-35-1 BNF-EOG

Product name BNF-EOG
CAS NO. 1169223-35-1
Purity 98% HPLC
Product Features
CAS NO.1169223-35-1 BNF-EOG
Product Name BNF-EOG
Synonyms 2,2′-[9H-fluoren-9-ylidenebis(6,2-naphthalenediyloxy-2,1-ethanediyloxymethylene)]bis [Oxirane]
CAS NO 1169223-35-1
Appearance White to off-white solid
Purity 98% HPLC
MF C43H38O6
MW 650.77
Product Categories Electronic chemicals,OLED,functional materials
Storage Preserve in a well-closed container and keep in cool, dry place, avoid light.
Capacity 200KG /month
Package In fluoride bottle/ Fluoride drums/iron drums/plastic drums/IBC Tank ,etc.
Shipment method By Sea, Air, Courier door to door, etc.
Loading Port China any port, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong etc.
Application LCD, OLED intermediate
Contact Contact person: Ellen Zhao


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