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CAS NO.147-93-3 Thiosalicylic acid

Product Name Thiosalicylic acid
CAS NO 147-93-3
Purity 98.0%
Product Features
CAS NO.147-93-3 Thiosalicylic acid
Product Name Thiosalicylic acid
Synonyms 2-Metrcaptobenzoic acid, o-Sulfhylbenzoic acid;Thisosalicyilic acid
CAS NO 147-93-3
Appearance Light yellow solid
Purity 98.0%
MW 154.19
Product Categories Aromatic Carboxylic Acids, Amides, Anilides, Anhydrides & Salts;Phenol&Thiophenol&Mercaptan
Storage Keep in dark place,Sealed in dry,Room Temperature
Package In paper drums /Fluoride drums /iron drums /plastic drums/IBC Tank ,etc.
Shipment method By Sea ,Air ,Courier door to door ,etc.
Loading Port China any port ,Beijing ,Shanghai ,Hong Kong etc.
Application Mainly used in pesticide, dye, rubber industry, can also be used for methyl salicylate and other medical products, or electroplating industry for black metal production of anti-corrosion treatment, also used as metal surface treatment agent, ceramic industry as a colorant
Contact Information Name :Mr.Alan Liu


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